English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rely" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2392567	I relied on Tom.	CK	1
1028141	Tom relied on Mary.	CK	1
3196562	We can rely on Tom.	CK	1
275739	You can rely on me.	CK	1
299806	He can be relied on.	CK	1
10078	You can rely on her.	CK	1
9905	You can rely on him.	CK	1
2956223	Tom can be relied on.	CK	1
2957233	Tom is relying on us.	CK	1
3170984	You can't rely on Tom.	CK	1
2713540	Tom can't be relied on.	CK	1
1360866	Don't rely on what he says.	CK	1
1190310	He's a man you can rely on.	CK	1
1025163	Tom is a man you can rely on.	CK	1
67674	Don't rely too much on others.	CK	1
1029491	Tom can't rely on Mary's help.	CK	1
21692	You can certainly rely on him.	CK	1
71150	Choose friends you can rely on.	CM	1
37211	Does Tom still rely on his parents?	CK	1
1029524	Tom can rely on Mary to be on time.	CK	1
1094397	Tom doesn't like to rely on others.	CK	1
979370	I rely on Ken.	CK
260992	I relied on him.	CM
1513132	Can I rely on you?	wrarshad91
1363430	Don't rely on him.	GaryM
69001	You may rely on him.	CK
274689	Don't rely on others.	CM
2719644	You can rely on Jack.	WestofEden
307906	You can rely upon him.	CK
285583	Don't rely on his help.	CK
301949	He cannot be relied on.	jakov
260689	I relied on his kindness.	CK
1637159	They rely on the foodbank.	Spamster
3196554	I knew I could rely on you.	CK
286705	You can't rely on his help.	CK
32259	Everybody is relying on you.	CK
3196565	I need people I can rely on.	CK
22732	We can rely on his judgement.	CK
304589	He is a man you can rely upon.	CK
71401	I'm relying on you to help us.	CK
274764	You should not rely on others.	CK
59783	You can't rely on this machine.	CK
287700	His promise cannot be relied on.	CK
274765	Never rely too much upon others.	CM
249302	We can not rely on her kindness.	CK
289183	He always relies on other people.	CK
252702	I am relying on you to be honest.	CK
295715	He relies on his wife financially.	CK
2957303	Tom is the only one we can rely on.	CK
285211	You can rely on his proven ability.	CK