English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Reluctance" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2236832	Tom is reluctant.	CK	1
2237310	Tom looks reluctant.	CK	1
2237604	Tom reluctantly left.	CK	1
2237606	Tom reluctantly went.	CK	1
2237472	Tom nodded reluctantly.	CK	1
2237603	Tom reluctantly agreed.	CK	1
2237605	Tom reluctantly obeyed.	CK	1
1092360	Tom was reluctant to go.	CK	1
1868169	Tom is reluctant to leave.	CK	1
2273661	Tom reluctantly followed Mary.	CK	1
2892895	Why are you being so reluctant?	CK	1
887584	She went to see him reluctantly.	CK	1
2301408	I can understand your reluctance.	CK	1
1092361	Tom was reluctant to go by himself.	CK	1
314713	She was reluctant to reveal her secret.	CK	1
1867966	Tom reluctantly gave Mary what she asked for.	CK	1
1029011	Tom doesn't understand Mary's reluctance to go out with his brother.	CK	1
2093245	I'm reluctant to leave.	gleki
2266027	He accepted reluctantly.	_undertoad
2957932	Tom reluctantly went home.	CK
2958091	Tom seems reluctant to go.	CK
301971	He was reluctant to answer.	CK
252946	I am reluctant to help him.	CK
286687	I'm reluctant to visit him.	U2FS
2958595	Tom was reluctant to leave.	CK
290067	He took the job reluctantly.	CK
2643592	Tom is very reluctant to go.	CK
2958092	Tom seems reluctant to help.	CK
290444	He was reluctant to go there.	CK
2643199	Tom reluctantly went outside.	CK
2958093	Tom seems reluctant to leave.	CK
252156	I listened to him reluctantly.	CM
316249	She is reluctant to marry him.	CK
1466634	He reluctantly went to see her.	CK
2642610	Tom reluctantly took his seats.	CK
3161808	Tom seems reluctant to help me.	CK
2961611	She reluctantly went by herself.	JimBreen
2641852	Tom reluctantly accepted the gift.	CK
2957931	Tom reluctantly signed the papers.	CK
3202012	Tom reluctantly did as he was told.	CK
3181895	Tom was reluctant to talk about it.	CK
303762	He reluctantly agreed to my proposal.	CK
308900	I am reluctant to tell her the truth.	CK
249171	We noticed his reluctance to testify.	CM
3087529	Tom reluctantly got back into his car.	CK
312926	She reluctantly agreed to our proposal.	CK
3348725	Tom reluctantly agreed to the proposal.	patgfisher
282914	I don't understand his reluctance to go.	CK
1930752	Tom reluctantly let Mary into his house.	CM
44940	The thief reluctantly admitted his guilt.	CK