English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Religious" in Example Sentences
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1093391	Tom isn't religious.	CK	1
2546991	Tom is very religious.	CK	1
2402277	You're very religious, aren't you?	CK	1
1094555	Tom doesn't appear to be very religious.	CK	1
1025475	Tom has a lot of religious books, but he has never read them.	CK	1
2133244	Are you religious?	AnneWy
1265295	He is not religious.	yifen238
2004984	She's very religious.	Guybrush88
1293151	She listens to religious music.	CK
65772	The Inca were religious people.	CK
803112	He had strong religious beliefs.	Source_VOA
942461	The Inca were a religious people.	spockofvulcan
2959036	Tom belonged to a religious order.	sharptoothed
2958942	Tom works with religious devotion.	sharptoothed
2959143	The Quakers are a religious people.	sharptoothed
802387	They also promised religious freedom.	Source_VOA
1504820	He is still grappling with religious beliefs.	nonong
805392	Parents and religious leaders criticized him.	Source_VOA
877873	The religious man remained kneeling for hours.	alexmarcelo
21092	Full religious freedom is assured to all people.	NekoKanjya
291530	He has engaged in religious activity since then.	CM
251699	My father was religious and he was a very moral man.	CK
258759	I'm a deeply religious man and believe in life after death.	sacredceltic
1657736	Lots of religious songs in Ladino are translations from Hebrew.	charlotte13
3269845	Tom and Mary are deeply religious and are horrified that their son wants to get married on a beach, rather than in a church.	patgfisher