English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Religion" in Example Sentences
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2288975	Don't talk to me about religion.	CK	1
1094981	Tom decided not to discuss religion.	CK	1
2179166	It's against my religion.	Hybrid
266309	I don't believe in religion.	CK
18569	Making money is his religion.	Zifre
681529	Every religion prohibits murder.	Source_VOA
2280868	They want to talk about religion.	ichivivi20
2005037	He finds strength in his religion.	Guybrush88
266305	She has no opinion about religion.	CK
266310	Religion is the opium of the people.	Eldad
306891	They fought for freedom of religion.	CK
71542	You should think of their religions.	CK
248939	We must separate politics from religion.	CK
266312	Some people don't believe in any religion.	CK
1539946	It's time to establish the religion of love.	Scott
1127834	Sometimes I wish I had a different religion.	alexmarcelo
545300	Certain religions are against organ donation.	darinmex
302226	He has a good knowledge of Japanese religion.	CK
2959357	I prefer to refrain from discussing religion.	sharptoothed
714848	Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.	Scott
22047	The settlers embraced the Christian religion.	CK
281729	Japanese are not so particular about religion.	CM
2959367	I just got a few interesting books on religion.	sharptoothed
1948291	Religion was very important in the Middle Ages.	Guybrush88
325740	The two regions differ in religion and culture.	CM
2268728	There's no freedom of religion in this country.	_undertoad
402587	According to many religions, adultery is a crime.	Grayster
807677	Catholics could not openly observe their religion.	Source_VOA
63097	Christianity and Islam are two different religions.	CK
2724527	What's the difference between a religion and a cult?	Hybrid
2958982	Tom is very tolerant in his attitude toward religion.	sharptoothed
2921288	What's the difference between religion and philosophy?	AlanF_US
2283222	There is a great conflict between religion and science.	ichivivi20
266304	You'd better avoid discussion of religion and politics.	CK
534698	Buddhism is a religion founded by the Indian Shakyamuni.	Scott
1163478	Are there any religions that don't permit organ donation?	CK
299295	He is interested in anything that has to do with religion.	CK
391767	A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.	Scott
319877	The article on Buddhism revived my interest in Oriental religions.	CM
266311	My mother's religion helped her to come to terms with my father's death.	CM
68510	That company hires people without regard to race, religion, or nationality.	Zifre
67619	In the U.S., freedom of religion is one of the guarantees of the Bill of Rights.	CM
1522369	If religion were synonymous with morality, Brazil would be the most uncorrupted country in the world.	erikspen
1837947	I want a religion that respects the differences that exist between people and that states that each individual has their own personality.	LanguageExpert