English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Release" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1841180	Release him.	CK	1
2203864	Release Tom.	CK	1
2549343	I'll release you.	CK	1
2239838	Tom was released.	CK	1
2243292	They released Tom.	CK	1
2237602	Tom released Mary.	CK	1
2243727	They've released us.	CK	1
2235931	They've released Tom.	CK	1
2646614	Has Tom been released?	CK	1
2272692	Tom has been released.	CK	1
614532	Don't release that dog.	CK	1
2270525	Don't release that prisoner.	CK	1
2543488	I'm releasing the prisoners.	CK	1
2276332	They released all the prisoners.	CK	1
681885	The terrorists released the hostages.	Source_VOA	1
3264770	Tom Jackson has released a new album.	CK	1
1954762	We can't release the prisoners today.	CK	1
1093661	Tom has just been released from prison.	CK	1
1635164	He ordered them to release the prisoner.	Christophe	1
1023956	Tom was released from prison last month.	CK	1
302539	He ordered them to release the prisoners.	CK	1
1023955	Tom was released from the hospital last month.	CK	1
296189	I hear he was released after five years in prison.	CK	1
2006579	Tom unhooked the fish and released it back into the water.	CK	1
1027650	Apparently, Tom was already famous before he released that album.	CK	1
1040627	Tom had been released from the hospital, but he was still recovering from the gunshot wound.	CK	1
1030043	Mary waited years for Tom to get out of prison and was very happy when he finally got released.	CK	1
1495195	Mary released a single.	Spamster
238357	The police released him.	CK
2544966	I was eventually released.	CK
46719	The prisoner was released.	CK
305790	They released the prisoner.	CK
2958854	Why was this news released?	sharptoothed
1886452	Why won't they release Mary?	CK
270371	The hostages will be released.	CK
49544	When will the film be released?	CM
2959026	Tom forgot to release the brake.	sharptoothed
3133014	Have the prisoners been released?	CK
1920814	The company issued a press release.	Spamster
280913	The two men were released from jail.	CK
2091857	The company gave out a press release.	MrShoval
1922374	The company released a press release.	MrShoval
802388	They refused to release the hostages.	Source_VOA
267972	The boy released a bird from the cage.	CK
3101572	Tom released his grip on the door knob.	CK
1954761	We can't release any details right now.	CK
270372	All the hostages were released unharmed.	CK
681886	The prisoner asked to be released early.	Source_VOA
3023683	Tom is being released from prison today.	CK
46634	The girl released the birds from the cage.	CK