English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Relation" in Example Sentences
Page 1

297918	He is no relation to me.	CK
308592	What relation is she to you?	CM
17593	What's your relation with him?	dawnbreaksopen
302627	He is a distant relation of hers.	CK
249245	We have broken off relations with them.	CK
281583	Japan has diplomatic relations with China.	sacredceltic
325620	The countries terminated friendly relations.	CM
802565	They established official relations in 1979.	Source_VOA
280030	We have no business relations with the firm.	CM
807528	Kissinger was an expert on foreign relations.	Source_VOA
804076	American-British relations showed improvement.	Source_VOA
2959229	Our relations with our director are excellent.	sharptoothed
280886	How are relations between the two of them going?	CK
2959383	I don't see any relation between the two problems.	sharptoothed
43470	The two countries do not have diplomatic relations.	mamat
306485	They strive constantly to improve customer relations.	CK
2959111	The two countries have broken off diplomatic relations.	sharptoothed
2253309	Our country has always had friendly relations with yours.	_undertoad
281605	Japan maintains friendly relations with the United States.	CM
2033370	Relations between China and Japan have been tense recently.	Chrikaru
660532	You're interested in a career in foreign relations, aren't you?	CK
804265	Roosevelt worked hard to improve America's relations with Japan.	Source_VOA
262965	We should keep up friendly relations with neighboring countries.	CM
264710	You should choose a job in relation to your talents and interests.	CM
804123	Relations between the Soviet Union and the western Allies were mixed.	Source_VOA
281195	In Japan, relations between neighbors are apt to be cooler than in USA.	CM
1354871	Roosevelt worked hard to improve the United States relations with Japan.	AMIKEMA
286617	His claim is that there is a close relation between birth order and personality.	Nero
281154	Diplomatic relations have not yet been established between Japan and North Korea.	CK
1371304	We provide legal advice and strategy recommendations to various public relation campaigns.	MrShoval