English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Reject" in Example Sentences
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887351	She rejected him.	CK	1
2239837	Tom was rejected.	CK	1
2250971	That was rejected.	CK	1
46062	I rejected the offer.	CK	1
250749	My plan was rejected.	CK	1
314358	She rejected my proposal.	CK	1
1092439	Tom was afraid of being rejected.	CK	1
681883	My credit card was rejected by the ATM.	Source_VOA	1
681881	Tom's college application was rejected.	Source_VOA	1
1396371	You should've rejected such an unfair proposal.	CK	1
297400	He rejected our offer.	CK
806863	The appeal was rejected.	Source_VOA
802937	He got them to reject it.	Source_VOA
318685	I am afraid it is a reject.	CM
806950	Saddam rejected the demand.	Source_VOA
806967	Carranza rejected the offer.	Source_VOA
297912	He rejected my offer flatly.	CM
2959081	They rejected all our plans.	sharptoothed
807001	Anderson rejected the demand.	Source_VOA
703003	He flatly rejected that idea.	Nevado
286849	His application was rejected.	CK
805453	Jefferson rejected this idea.	Source_VOA
807026	Russia rejected both demands.	Source_VOA
807043	Van Buren rejected the offer.	Source_VOA
807048	Congress rejected the request.	Source_VOA
297409	He rejected our demand flatly.	CM
807063	Pemberton rejected the demand.	Source_VOA
316366	She rejected his offer of help.	CK
3161828	Tom rejected our offer of help.	CK
805250	The Americans rejected the offer.	Source_VOA
43507	The demand was summarily rejected.	CM
58041	I do not want to reject this claim.	CM
20007	The chairman rejected the proposal.	CK
53315	I've heard Jim rejected the proposal.	CM
807305	The people rejected the constitution.	Source_VOA
1260748	Chances are the bill will be rejected.	NekoKanjya
807418	President Johnson rejected the agreement.	Source_VOA
19996	The chairman rejected his absurd proposal.	NekoKanjya
681617	Their offer to buy the house was rejected.	Source_VOA
239608	The plan was rejected as being impractical.	CM
239021	He was rejected because his health was poor.	CK
3127912	We rejected Tom's suggestion as too extreme.	CK
49610	Her application to join the party was rejected.	CM
20025	The chances are that the bill will be rejected.	NekoKanjya
246521	It was very sensible of him to reject the bribe.	CK
268332	My boss rejected the budget for the new project.	jakov
681882	My neighbor rejected my request to cut his tree.	Source_VOA
22368	The company rejected his request for a transfer.	CK
16973	Your suggestion will be rejected by the teacher.	papabear
805482	It seemed clear the Senate would reject the treaty.	Source_VOA