English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rehearse" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2644704	What are they rehearsing?	CK	1
2300248	I came straight here from rehearsal.	CK	1
2400107	Tom and Mary had to go to band rehearsal.	CK	1
2049675	A string quartet is rehearsing in the next room.	CK	1
73375	After a ten-minute break, we resumed our rehearsal.	CK	1
1474789	Tom rehearsed for two days.	Spamster
1286396	Let's rehearse the fourth scene.	CM
2642076	Tom said we should rehearse more.	CK
2985535	Run over your part again before the rehearsal.	sharptoothed
327349	With the extra rehearsals, work is really tight.	CM
2709244	Tomorrow's dress rehearsal starts at one o'clock.	orcrist
305607	They aren't quarreling, but are rehearsing a play.	CK
2165141	They're not quarreling, but rather rehearsing a play.	AlanF_US
2709241	The dress rehearsal took a long time because of problems with the lights.	orcrist
2709239	We had a dress rehearsal for the dance show the morning before opening night.	orcrist