English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Refugee" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1167536	Tom is a refugee.	CK	1
1095911	Tom applied for refugee status.	CK	1
1315796	He donated $10,000 to the refugee fund.	CK	1
947581	Refugees hid under the bridge.	boracasli
317925	The refugees barely escaped death.	CK
67752	Refugees in Africa are seeking help.	CK
317924	The refugees struggled against hunger.	CK
618490	They took the refugees into their home.	Shoyren
22691	We furnished the refugees with blankets.	CK
49929	That boat was full of refugees from Cuba.	CK
1123578	The surviving refugees longed for freedom.	nadsat
681981	The refugees felt safe in their new country.	Source_VOA
280810	The refugees were excluded from the country.	CK
674772	Food and blankets were given to the refugees.	Zifre
280806	Refugees poured in from all over the country.	CM
307267	They are appealing for money to help refugees.	CK
272438	The Red Cross distributed food to the refugees.	CM
268654	Food and blankets were given out to the refugees.	Zifre
45444	The organization furnished the refugees with food.	CM
280808	Sanitary conditions in the refugee camps were terrible.	CM
3154781	The refugees were having trouble finding enough to eat.	CK
275706	The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.	CM
329240	The refugees were living in a narrow, squalid backstreet.	fcbond
307265	They established a Japanese language class for the refugees.	CK
50552	The refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.	CK