English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Reform" in Example Sentences
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2111696	I'm reformed.	CK	1
2236828	Tom is reformed.	CK	1
273797	The nation as a whole is in favor of political reform.	CK	1
2959317	I'm sure Tom will reform.	sharptoothed
681877	Does prison reform criminals?	Source_VOA
681873	The new law was a major reform.	Source_VOA
2959453	Don't try to reform everyone you meet.	sharptoothed
803173	He supported a number of social reforms.	Source_VOA
2320229	The need for reform in Italy is enormous.	Gulliver
681874	The protesters demanded government reform.	Source_VOA
802462	They were busy working for social reforms.	Source_VOA
807482	The 1960s were years of protest and reform.	Source_VOA
271461	The government has been reforming education.	CK
681872	The politician proposed reforms to Congress.	Source_VOA
807570	The public praised Roosevelt's reform efforts.	Source_VOA
295342	He proposed a reform in the educational system.	CM
681876	The state is going to reform its drug policies.	Source_VOA
2959095	These boys ought to be sent to a reform school.	sharptoothed
19128	Educational reforms still have a long way to go.	qdii
306981	They are in favor of the reform of the tax laws.	CM
2959251	Many new reforms have been brought about recently.	sharptoothed
266154	The prime minister proposed administrative reforms.	CK
681875	Tom decided to stop drinking and reform his behavior.	Source_VOA
279508	Land reform caused a great change in the lives of the people.	CM
269310	The new government is expected to bring about a good number of administrative reforms.	CK