English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Record" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2241132	We keep records.	CK	1
2648561	Did you record it?	CK	1
3264682	That's a new record.	CK	1
2835769	Tom broke the record.	CK	1
3023762	Tom has got a record.	CK	1
2360308	I've seen your record.	CK	1
2238782	Tom stopped recording.	CK	1
288108	He has broken the record.	CK	1
2828348	I broke the world record.	marcelostockle	1
257218	I lent the record to Ken.	CK	1
2392556	I recorded the interview.	CK	1
2359376	I've checked the records.	CK	1
2638334	Tom has a perfect record.	onlyenglish	1
300273	He broke the world record.	CK	1
1093758	Tom has a criminal record.	CK	1
289557	He has quite a few records.	CK	1
2359568	I've got a criminal record.	CK	1
3178564	That's likely a new record.	CK	1
1026956	Tom broke the world record.	CK	1
2392555	I recorded our conversation.	CK	1
2359007	I've analyzed the recording.	CK	1
2288181	You keep records, don't you?	CK	1
3178563	That's probably a new record.	CK	1
2047673	Tom keeps very careful records.	CK	1
2033612	I want to set the record straight.	CK	1
1520812	Tom doesn't have a criminal record.	Spamster	1
700476	This conversation is being recorded.	Zifre	1
2327220	I found out Tom has a criminal record.	CK	1
1024031	Tom wanted to set the record straight.	CK	1
1887747	I think Tom's record speaks for itself.	CK	1
3264774	Tom Jackson has set a new world record.	CK	1
1027629	Did you know that Tom has a criminal record?	CK	1
2031342	I'd like a chance to set the record straight.	CK	1
2033904	I don't want what I'm about to say to be recorded.	CK	1
1027959	Tom thinks it impossible for Mary to break the record.	CK	1
1552988	For the record, Tom didn't have anything to do with this.	CK	1
2042732	I want to cut down on the time it takes to process records.	CK	1
1095008	Tom currently holds the school record for the 100 yard dash.	CK	1
1024826	Tom is the only man in the world that is likely to break that record.	CK	1
952875	Tom's criminal record consists of only two drunken driving citations.	CK	1
2828347	He broke the record.	marcelostockle
297556	He gave me a record.	CK
1756888	It's a world record.	Spamster
3346360	You're record is good.	CK
1839437	Are you recording this?	CK
305343	They will buy a record.	CK
2645093	Do you record your calls?	CK
2892307	Tom had a perfect record.	CK
286818	His new record sells well.	CM
29522	I sold off all my records.	CK