English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Reception" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2547411	How was the reception?	CK	1
2546795	I was at the reception.	CK	1
1092414	Tom was given a warm reception.	CK	1
2019122	I didn't want to go to the reception.	CK	1
2645028	See you at the reception.	CK
266193	The reception isn't good.	Eldad
307123	They got a warm reception.	CM
1559444	My sister is a receptionist.	sam_m
2958926	Tom's new play got a warm reception.	sharptoothed
2959433	Have you been invited to the reception?	sharptoothed
313167	She gave her guests a hearty reception.	CM
266188	The receptionist said to come right in.	CK
286833	His new book met with a favorable reception.	CM
238728	There was a big reception after the wedding.	CM
249012	We got a hostile reception from the villagers.	CK
526519	The hotel is looking for a new head receptionist.	wma
1452753	Please come pick up your package at the reception.	Spamster
294924	He circulated from table to table at the reception.	CM
46684	He introduced me to his relatives at the reception.	CK
63083	There were beautiful flowers on the reception desk.	CK
322896	Everybody who is anybody was present at the reception.	CM
3023352	Tom stood at the counter, talking to the receptionist.	CK
281354	A reception was given for the Japanese foreign minister.	CM
266187	The receptionist forced me to sign my name on the paper.	Zifre
877914	I work part-time as a receptionist at a dentist's office.	papabear
27756	Please cover for me at the reception desk for about one hour.	CK
317266	She made a wonderful speech at her friend's wedding reception.	CK
1331906	She asked the clerk at the hotel reception to dial the number for her.	Eldad
681117	Some companies have guards at the front desk instead of receptionists.	Source_VOA