English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Recall" in Example Sentences
Page 1

246204	I don't recall.	CK	1
2303613	I can't really recall.	CK	1
2271904	I don't really recall.	CK	1
2276178	I don't recall seeing Tom.	CK	1
2315314	I don't recall saying that.	CK	1
1954757	I can't recall who said that.	CK	1
62444	Ken couldn't recall his name.	CK	1
1954756	I can't recall where I put it.	CK	1
2065143	I can't recall all their names.	halfb1t	1
1095076	Tom couldn't recall the details.	CK	1
2361382	I don't recall asking you for help.	CK	1
1954755	I can't recall the last time we met.	CK	1
914069	I can recall nothing worse.	Jane_Austen
2959173	The ambassador was recalled.	sharptoothed
2269016	Try to recall what happened.	_undertoad
42006	I can recall seeing those pictures.	Nero
254254	I failed to recall the song's title.	CM
1353639	Ken couldn't recall that man's name.	CK
257621	I can't recall her name at the moment.	CK
2323030	I don't recall asking for your advice.	CK
2771679	Words once uttered cannot be recalled.	CM
1463534	I can't recall when he moved to Boston.	CK
2323031	I don't recall asking for your opinion.	CK
1676376	I frequently recall my happy childhood.	cathrynm
246027	I recall less and less of my childhood.	CM
275704	The ambassador was recalled from Warsaw.	CK
2771676	A word once spoken can never be recalled.	CM
2771674	A word once uttered can never be recalled.	CM
1489174	I cannot recall anything else at this time.	MrShoval
920247	I often recall my happy childhood memories.	Shiawase
2315315	I don't recall you saying anything about that.	CK
254532	I recalled a newspaper story about those twins.	CM
33361	What was the name of the hotel? I can't recall it.	CM
2958826	Your face is familiar, but I can't recall your name.	sharptoothed
3133053	Do you recall what happened last year on your birthday?	CK
284618	I may have met him somewhere before, but I can't recall where.	CK
53944	Sally recalled the days when her grandma was strong and healthy.	CM