English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rebel" in Example Sentences
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2248118	I'm no rebel.	CK	1
1604622	Tom is a rebel.	Spamster	1
2241505	We were rebels.	CK	1
270393	The people rebelled against the king.	CK	1
1486063	Tom is a rebellious boy.	Spamster
806978	Lenin ordered them to rebel.	Source_VOA
807099	Rebel forces prepared to fight.	Source_VOA
480044	The army quelled the rebellion.	arbaro
1920147	My son is a rebellious teenager.	Spamster
321204	The rebellion was soon put down.	CM
803075	He had called the rebels traitors.	Source_VOA
2163170	The rebels sabotaged the railroad.	Source_VOA
289317	He put down the rebellion in India.	CK
807220	John Brown's rebellion was crushed.	Source_VOA
802378	They urged him to punish the rebels.	Source_VOA
807335	The rebellion lasted about two months.	Source_VOA
2267941	The agitators instigated the rebellion.	_undertoad
282759	The rebels took control of the capital.	CK
237797	The troops soon put down the rebellion.	CM
48597	The troops easily put down the rebellion.	CK
282756	The rebels made a barricade across the road.	CM
48899	The students rebelled against the government.	CM
803269	He said the only answer was a slave rebellion.	Source_VOA
282772	The rebels have captured the broadcasting station.	CK
2311246	Piercings can be a form of rebellion for teenagers.	Hybrid
25918	The speaker tried to incite the people to rebellion.	NekoKanjya
39883	The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.	CM
802723	They demanded severe punishment for the southern rebels.	Source_VOA
1566958	We recommend cutting off all further contact with the rebels.	corvard
266172	Rwandan rebels are pushing their offensive south as fighting continues in the capital Kigali.	CM