English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rat" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245864	I hate rats.	CK	1
2649101	Tom hates rats.	CK	1
2249622	Nobody likes rats.	CK	1
1654437	Tom smelled a rat.	Spamster	1
71250	You're such a pack rat.	CK	1
2543034	I'm beginning to smell a rat.	CK	1
2333019	I killed the rat with a stick.	Gulliver	1
1123692	There are many rats on the ship.	CK	1
1830385	Tom accidentally ate some rat poison.	CK	1
1025536	Tom had to have his stomach pumped because he had accidentally eaten some rat poison.	CK	1
1983721	He ratted us out.	Spamster
35794	Rats breed rapidly.	CM
35793	Rats carry the plague.	CK
2895518	The hawk caught a rat.	mervert1
282041	The cat caught the rats.	CK
625907	Is the rat alive or dead?	rpglover64
35798	A rat ran across the road.	CK
35795	Rats leave a sinking ship.	CK
282039	The cat ran after the rat.	CK
3200482	Did I tell you we had rats?	CK
273968	Rats desert a sinking ship.	CM
57539	This cat doesn't chase rats.	CM
3068959	I need to buy some rat poison.	CK
2221118	There are rats in the kitchen.	Hybrid
1537048	Tom fought like a cornered rat.	Spamster
35805	A rat chewed a hole in the wall.	CK
35796	The rat made a hole in the wall.	CM
35804	Rats have gnawed holes in the door.	CM
20355	I want to get away from the rat race.	CK
807296	Some people caught rats and ate them.	Source_VOA
35799	A bat is no more a bird than a rat is.	CM
63020	Rats! I've got to work overtime again.	CM
50059	The rat was killed by Tom with a stick.	CK
17621	He'll be sure to smell a rat if I'm with you.	CK
3204658	Did I tell you I saw a big rat in the kitchen?	CK
2065427	They're just like rats leaving a sinking ship.	CK
2959135	The rats are ruining all the grain in the barn.	sharptoothed
2065426	They look just like rats leaving a sinking ship.	CK
526862	His best friend ratted him out to the authorities.	darinmex
279129	Dr. Tanaka carried out tests for two years on three hundred rats.	CK
1853631	Do you think my cat and your pet rat will get along well together?	Spamster