English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Raft" in Example Sentences
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1140874	Tom went white-water rafting.	CK	1
2335049	Tom floated downstream on a raft.	CK	1
1094077	Tom floated down the river on a raft.	CK	1
1093549	Tom has never gone rafting down a river.	CK	1
1023915	Tom went down the river on a rubber raft.	CK	1
1905866	The boys built a raft.	Spamster
267938	The boy went down the river on a raft.	CK
296321	He crossed the immense pacific on a raft.	CM
66652	The raft has drifted far off from the shore.	CM
681121	The guide sat at the front right of the raft.	Source_VOA
681119	We hired a guide for our white-water rafting trip.	Source_VOA
66653	It was an adventure going down the river on a raft.	CK
680888	They're experiencing white water rafting on a class five river.	Source_VOA
46671	I fainted from the heat, and when I came to, I was in a life raft.	CM