English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Quietly" in Example Sentences
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890756	Move quietly.	Scott	1
2245273	Do it quietly.	CK	1
2800092	Speak quietly.	CK	1
2237647	Tom sat quietly.	CK	1
2245211	Come out quietly.	CK	1
2549238	Tom left quietly.	CK	1
300546	He walked quietly.	CK	1
2238672	Tom spoke quietly.	CK	1
2238750	Tom stood quietly.	CK	1
2243323	They spoke quietly.	CK	1
2243343	They talked quietly.	CK	1
2236250	Tom exhaled quietly.	CK	1
2240191	Tom watched quietly.	CK	1
2243218	They laughed quietly.	CK	1
3312842	We should leave quietly.	CK	1
248958	We waited there quietly.	CK	1
2007438	Let's just sit here quietly.	CK	1
31976	Mary closed the door quietly.	CK	1
2642529	Whatever you do, do it quietly.	CK	1
2835611	Tom quietly closed the bedroom door.	CK	1
2892359	Tom quietly entered the baby's room.	CK	1
2698641	Tom quietly sneaked out of the room.	WestofEden	1
887361	She sat next him and listened quietly.	CK	1
1141365	Tom snoozed quietly in front of the TV.	CK	1
1847687	Tom and Mary ate quietly in the moonlight.	CK	1
1426537	We talked quietly so we wouldn't wake the baby.	CK	1
1026673	Tom closed the door quietly and tiptoed into the room.	CK	1
1024152	Tom slipped quietly into his clothes and tiptoed out of the room.	CK	1
1029778	Tom and Mary were talking quietly in the kitchen a few minutes ago.	CK	1
1094611	Tom didn't want to hear about all of Mary's problems, but he sat quietly and listened.	CK	1
272063	It was raining quietly.	CK
922238	He quietly said goodbye.	zvaigzne
3022492	Let's slip away quietly.	sharptoothed
2645283	Tom speaks very quietly.	CK
2644341	Tom quietly left the room.	CK
2544538	Tom spoke to Mary quietly.	CK
1872713	The teacher speaks quietly.	Asma
3181478	Tom talked to Mary quietly.	CK
2643650	Tom and Mary talked quietly.	CK
315386	She quietly entered the room.	CK
272060	Please close the door quietly.	CK
300545	He quietly knocked at the door.	CK
613264	He quietly knocked on the door.	CK
2860787	The injured man moaned quietly.	astynk
294182	He can move quietly and quickly.	CK
802236	They quietly asked to be served.	Source_VOA
2712980	Tom chuckled quietly to himself.	CK
2892302	Tom entered the bedroom quietly.	CK
2641442	Tom quietly tiptoed out of the room.	CK
1809563	Why is everyone speaking so quietly?	marcelostockle