English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Quick" in Example Sentences
Page 1

274037	Come quick!	CM	1
2247679	I'll be quick.	CK	1
2038397	Make it quick.	Spamster	1
2239835	Tom was quick.	CK	1
2248307	I'm very quick.	CK	1
2250970	That was quick.	CK	1
2261147	Tom is quicker.	CK	1
2241548	We'll be quick.	CK	1
1176991	I ate a quick lunch.	bart	1
2060054	I'm a quick learner.	CK	1
2218351	You're really quick.	CK	1
2952728	I'll do a quick check.	CK	1
3178585	It must've been quick.	CK	1
2007659	Let's make this quick.	CK	1
1847692	Tom ate a quick lunch.	CK	1
2713499	You're quicker than me.	CK	1
843942	I had a quick breakfast.	J_S	1
1141107	Tom took a quick shower.	CK	1
2821524	Tom wasn't quick enough.	CK	1
2007519	Let's take a quick break.	CK	1
301019	He walked at a quick pace.	CK	1
2544889	I'll be as quick as I can.	CK	1
2300206	I came as quick as I could.	CK	1
1868321	Tom gave Mary a quick kiss.	CK	1
3109568	You'd better make it quick.	CK	1
3179775	Thanks for your quick reply.	WestofEden	1
1024028	Tom wants to get rich quick.	CK	1
2275272	Don't make any quick decisions.	CK	1
2952727	I'll be there as quick as I can.	CK	1
2540945	I'm going to take a quick shower.	CK	1
1093417	Tom is used to making quick decisions.	CK	1
1027077	Tom ate a quick lunch then went back to work.	CK	1
1476199	Tom picked it up quicker than I thought he would.	Spamster	1
1894537	Let's grab a quick lunch at that small coffeeshop near the park.	CK	1
1934838	I'd just like to have a quick conversation with Tom before we leave.	CK	1
1970653	Tom takes a quick jog around the block every morning before breakfast.	CK	1
1318570	Tom didn't know the meaning of "anglophobia," so he did a quick web search to see if he could find out what it meant.	CK	1
1792479	He's really quick.	Spamster
3151308	Quick, give me that.	CK
35092	Quick, run after him.	CM
1862569	He was not quick enough.	Spamster
292212	He is a quick-witted man.	CM
290232	He made a quick response.	CM
19723	Let's catch a quick bite.	CK
2012469	I want to make this quick.	CK
2259132	She has a very quick mind.	_undertoad
3171420	Tom had a quick breakfast.	CK
33589	Boxers need quick reflexes.	CM
3328484	Can I ask a quick question?	CK
2195110	Let me take a quick shower.	Hybrid