English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Queen" in Example Sentences
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267269	The queen shook hands with each player after the game.	CK	1
1912224	I see a queen.	alexmarcelo
1349950	It's the queen.	sacredceltic
1912223	I see the queen.	alexmarcelo
1125569	He's a drama queen.	Scott
2019520	She's a drama queen.	Guybrush88
299464	He bowed to the Queen.	CK
2554112	I remember seeing the queen.	DiscoNostalgia
625905	I remember meeting the queen.	CK
1392620	Queen Elizabeth died in 1603.	CM
267270	The queen visited the museum.	qdii
1148295	The king and queen are coming.	cntrational
625906	I remember that I met the queen.	CK
25611	The queen stood beside the king.	CK
1569132	Mary was elected queen of the prom.	Spamster
522633	The Queen's crown was made of gold.	blay_paul
58089	I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.	CM
267263	The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.	CK
65257	Queen Elizabeth I passed away in 1603.	CK
42322	It was given to me by the Queen herself.	CM
35071	The rose is called the queen of flowers.	jakov
2959051	This magazine has a picture of the Queen.	sharptoothed
807479	Queen Liliuokalani was forced to surrender.	Source_VOA
267265	The queen was gracious enough to invite us.	CM
72655	Three ships were given to him by the queen.	CM
1879059	He's the prom king and she's the prom queen.	Spamster
871291	In each beehive there can only be one queen.	alexmarcelo
807527	In 1891, Liliuokalani became queen of Hawaii.	Source_VOA
306857	They hung out the flag for the Queen's visit.	CM
489429	This is the palace the king and queen live in.	adjusting
267259	They named the ship Queen Mary after the Queen.	CM
2959375	I had a jack, a king and three queens in my hand.	sharptoothed
267264	The queen was wearing a magnificent silver dress.	CK
267271	The queen is going to address parliament next week.	CM
1509053	Three ships were given to Columbus by Queen Isabella.	MrShoval
25629	There was a time when kings and queens reigned over the world.	CK
275893	The president was greeted by the queen on arrival at the palace.	CM
267268	The Queen made an address to the nation on television yesterday.	CM