English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Quarter" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2647722	Come to my quarters.	CK	1
2647697	Go to your quarters.	CK	1
2136090	It's a quarter to two.	CK	1
2546723	I'll be in my quarters.	CK	1
72937	Do you have any quarters?	CK	1
2208463	I'm alone in my quarters.	CK	1
72293	It's a quarter past nine.	CK	1
241532	It's quarter to eight now.	CK	1
2208493	I was alone in my quarters.	CK	1
2210871	Why don't you return to your quarters?	CK	1
1113237	It's a quarter after nine in the morning.	alexmarcelo	1
3151499	Give me some quarters.	CK
2803357	It's a quarter past six.	Deerhound
1519198	It's a quarter till two.	CK
703322	It's a quarter to three.	papabear
2645472	Return to your quarters.	CK
2645447	These are your quarters.	CK
3330209	I'm going to my quarters.	CK
410463	It's a quarter past eight.	FeuDRenais
691288	I ate a quarter of the cake.	Eldad
3096332	Could you come to my quarters?	CK
2013954	I want to stay in my quarters.	CK
305101	Three quarters of them agreed.	CM
3096432	Would you come to my quarters?	CK
2958980	Tom quarters are near the camp.	sharptoothed
2541646	Tom was asleep in his quarters.	CK
2954730	You should be in your quarters.	CK
484701	He'll come at quarter past three.	FeuDRenais
2015205	I want to go back to my quarters.	CK
484702	She'll come at quarter past three.	FeuDRenais
1453993	I eat dinner at quarter past seven.	Eldad
660443	It's a quarter after six right now.	Nero
282524	Sales fell off in the third quarter.	SUZIE
42838	It happened at a quarter past eleven.	CK
484461	It looks like it's quarter past ten now.	FeuDRenais
238063	Statements will be mailed every quarter.	CM
47676	Three-quarters of the work was finished.	CK
262100	I have my supper at a quarter past seven.	CK
73347	It is a little after a quarter to eleven.	CK
276021	A loss in third-quarter revenues was predicted.	CM
2959012	Tom has a very bad reputation in certain quarters.	sharptoothed
2267170	I'll go at three, or rather at a quarter past three.	_undertoad
61180	Three quarters of the members of this club are girls.	CM
276008	The second quarter GNP growth was higher than predicted.	CM
20727	Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.	NekoKanjya
2959121	The soldiers were quartered in an old house near the fort.	sharptoothed
284653	As is usual with him, he arrived a quarter of an hour late.	CM
276043	Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.	CM
41102	The word downtown refers to the business quarter of any town.	CM
276020	The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.	CK