English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Quarrel" in Example Sentences
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2412	They quarreled.	CK	1
2645948	Tom and Mary quarreled.	CK	1
2953648	We have no quarrel with you.	CK	1
2450047	They quarreled among themselves.	sharptoothed	1
2361965	I've got no quarrel with you two.	CK	1
2360156	I have no quarrel with anyone here.	CK	1
1029809	Tom and Mary quarrel almost every day.	CK	1
1024390	Tom never quarrels with his wife in public.	CK	1
388382	She had no intention of quarreling with him.	CK	1
310411	She was always quarreling with her brothers.	CK	1
1028799	Tom had no intention of quarreling with Mary.	CK	1
2959043	Tom and I always quarrel.	sharptoothed
2952152	I have no quarrel with Tom.	CK
305501	They are always quarreling.	CK
237899	Brothers should not quarrel.	CK
239046	Who are you quarreling with?	CM
2959257	Let's not quarrel about this.	sharptoothed
2957589	Tom often quarrels with Mary.	CK
253427	I know better than to quarrel.	CK
254323	I was involved in the quarrel.	CK
2980720	He quarrelled with his brother.	pne
321835	I had a quarrel with my sister.	CK
306996	They were constantly quarreling.	CM
289121	He always quarrels with his wife.	CK
2957588	Tom often quarrels with his wife.	CK
22584	Whenever they meet, they quarrel.	NekoKanjya
244114	I constantly quarrel with my wife.	CK
305606	It seems that they have quarreled.	CK
306278	Every time they meet, they quarrel.	CK
17661	What was the cause of your quarrel?	Swift
18508	I had a quarrel with him over money.	CK
254324	I tried to put an end to the quarrel.	CM
2549944	Please put an end to this quarreling.	sharptoothed
305509	They are always quarrelling in public.	CK
298811	He quarrels with every person he knows.	CK
261088	I know better than to quarrel with her.	CM
318735	The couple quarreled, but soon made up.	CK
307147	They began to quarrel among themselves.	CK
246985	They stopped quarreling when I came in.	CK
309571	Her mediation put an end to our quarrel.	CM
2254443	After their quarrel, she called it quits.	_undertoad
2820841	Are you trying to pick a quarrel with me?	sharptoothed
52606	John had a violent quarrel with his wife.	CK
1223892	Some people quarrel for no reason at all.	Scott
2268479	The quarrel had unfortunate consequences.	_undertoad
239671	The quarrel left an unpleasant aftertaste.	CM
54144	Don't let a little quarrel come between us.	CM
310456	She was always quarreling with her parents.	CK
272001	Adolescents often quarrel with their parents.	CK
2959085	They haven't been friends since that quarrel.	sharptoothed