English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Quality" in Example Sentences
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1094566	Tom does quality work.	CK	1
30372	Do you have better quality ones?	CK	1
954479	We only sell top quality products.	CK	1
1026141	Tom doesn't have the qualities of a good leader.	CK	1
27341	In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.	CK	1
1327632	The price is low, but the quality isn't very good.	CK	1
898580	I fed my dog what I thought was good quality dog food.	CK	1
909554	Parents should spend quality time with their children.	CK	1
306546	They attract customers by offering high-quality goods.	CK	1
1327631	The price is low, but then again, the quality isn't very good.	CK	1
1847736	Tom was fed up with eating the low quality food provided by the prison.	CK	1
650284	We improved the quality.	qdii
2959004	Tom has many good qualities.	sharptoothed
262238	I prefer quality to quantity.	CK
299176	He did a check on the quality.	CK
2717270	Tom has a lot of good qualities.	CK
64020	The quality of rice is going down.	alexmarcelo
1372492	The quality of rice is getting worse.	CK
2711593	Oranges are graded by size and quality.	sharptoothed
2163183	Their goods are of the highest quality.	Source_VOA
55147	These products are of the same quality.	CK
275799	It is quality, not quantity that counts.	CK
325900	Quality is more important than quantity.	CK
755170	These fields produce good quality crops.	sctld
1733242	Her watch is superior in quality to mine.	BraveSentry
1166548	The factory always made good quality shoes.	yujin
55191	These hand-made articles differ in quality.	CK
3023775	Tom has certain qualities you'll appreciate.	CK
20159	I'm very impressed with your quality control.	CK
61144	This overcoat is inferior to mine in quality.	CK
2163122	An important quality of steel is its strength.	Source_VOA
2959169	The better quality of cloth is more expensive.	sharptoothed
2959141	The quality of Tom's work has improved lately.	sharptoothed
2280884	The cafeteria's primary problem is its quality.	ichivivi20
61254	This carpet is superior to that one in quality.	CK
33534	I think this one is inferior to that in quality.	CM
2537705	I'm not satisfied with the quality of your work.	CK
1411301	No country can match France's good quality wine.	CM
59794	This machine is superior in quality to that one.	CM
18242	Air quality has deteriorated these past few years.	CK
238654	It pays in the long run to buy goods of high quality.	CK
561190	Both quantity and quality are important in most cases.	kebukebu
827436	I'd gladly pay more for something if it's of high quality.	darinmex
61560	The quality of their products has gone down over the years.	CK
269314	Many questions came up about the quality of the new product.	CK
22901	We are always aiming at improving in the quality of service.	CK
1424463	Good quality fruit is scarce in the winter and it costs a lot.	CM
1411302	When it comes to good quality wine, no country can rival France.	CK
735085	You need have a good microphone because we care about sound quality.	jakov
40721	I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.	CK