English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pulse" in Example Sentences
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322672	My pulse is fast.	CK	1
322673	My pulse is slow.	CK	1
3319246	Check Tom's pulse.	CK	1
3319234	Tom's pulse is low.	CK	1
3319235	Tom's pulse is fast.	CK	1
3319231	Tom's pulse is slow.	CK	1
3319227	Tom's pulse is weak.	CK	1
70377	Your pulse is normal.	CK	1
2307988	I checked Tom's pulse.	CK	1
3319233	Tom's pulse is normal.	CK	1
3319229	Tom's pulse is strong.	CK	1
3319225	Your pulse has gone up.	CK	1
27956	The doctor felt my pulse.	CK	1
616036	The doctor took my pulse.	darinmex	1
1771908	The patient has no pulse.	Scott	1
2545209	Tom checked Mary's pulse.	CK	1
287571	Is his pulse regular?	CK
3319232	Tom's pulse is racing.	CK
3319247	Check Tom's pulse again.	CK
3319245	I couldn't find a pulse.	CK
3319244	Let me check your pulse.	CK
3319228	Tom's pulse is very weak.	CK
16899	You have a regular pulse.	CK
318640	I have an irregular pulse.	CK
507214	The doctor took his pulse.	darinmex
3319230	Tom's pulse is still strong.	CK
3319243	The nurse checked Tom's pulse.	CK
3319242	The paramedic checked Tom's pulse.	CK
681703	The doctor checked the patient's pulse.	Source_VOA
3319241	The patient doesn't have a pulse anymore.	CK
3319226	Tom's really bad. I can barely feel his pulse.	CK
3319240	The patient's pulse and blood pressure are normal.	CK
3319236	Tom seems all right. His pulse and breathing are normal.	CK
3319238	Tom checked Mary's pulse and was relieved to find that she was still alive.	CK
3319239	The police officer checked to see if the body lying on the ground had a pulse.	CK
3319237	Tom knelt down next to Mary, checked for a pulse, and then looked up and shook his head.	CK