English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Protection" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2246012	I need protection.	CK	1
2255171	You need protection.	CK	1
2243272	They need protection.	CK	1
2237424	Tom needs protection.	CK	1
2237407	Tom needed protection.	CK	1
2271892	I don't need protection.	CK	1
2276154	I don't need your protection.	CK	1
1886070	Do you need police protection?	CK	1
313385	She asked the police for protection.	CK	1
1024282	Tom refused to pay protection money.	CK	1
1095891	Tom asked for police protection after Mary and John threatened to kill him.	CK	1
802159	They wanted protection.	Source_VOA
2656992	I don't need protection.	Joseph
1690570	This is for your protection.	Spamster
2568580	It's for your own protection.	Hybrid
249996	I am responsible for her protection.	CK
803241	He did not think he needed their protection.	Source_VOA
269750	Parents provide protection for their children.	CM
693378	Fur provides animals protection against the cold.	darinmex
680118	Tom works for the Environmental Protection Agency.	Source_VOA
516747	We are responsible for your protection from now on.	minshirui
2997202	There'll always be someone who'll need our protection.	CK
1383843	He's a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.	Spamster
954379	There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of police protection.	CK
667941	There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice.	CK
1371287	The Society for Protection of Nature is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.	MrShoval
868777	Despite the government's protection, he was the victim of an assassination attempt which killed him.	alexmarcelo