English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Proposal" in Example Sentences
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2647456	Tom made a proposal.	CK	1
2892721	What's your proposal?	CK	1
257119	I agree to your proposal.	CK	1
321651	I agreed to the proposal.	CK	1
316380	She refused his proposal.	CK	1
314358	She rejected my proposal.	CK	1
2358789	I have a proposal for you.	CK	1
2644259	We agree to your proposal.	CK	1
2392554	I reconsidered your proposal.	CK	1
2013629	I'd like to offer a proposal.	CK	1
2328062	I fully support your proposal.	CK	1
297958	He didn't agree to my proposal.	CK	1
16974	Your proposal is a bit extreme.	CK	1
1936403	I'd like to make you a proposal.	CK	1
300094	He readily agreed to my proposal.	CK	1
2359065	I've been considering your proposal.	CK	1
2776720	Tom's proposal is worth considering.	AlanF_US	1
2019166	I want you to consider this proposal.	CK	1
38627	Why did they turn down your proposal?	CK	1
22536	His proposals were adopted at the meeting.	CK	1
1092632	Tom tried to get Mary to accept our proposal.	CK	1
1027241	Tom accepted the proposal without reservation.	CK	1
1396371	You should've rejected such an unfair proposal.	CK	1
1887776	I think we should really consider Tom's proposal.	CK	1
1092408	Tom was hoping the committee would adopt his proposal.	CK	1
1029671	Tom asked Mary to marry him, but she turned down his proposal.	CK	1
2042870	I wouldn't want Tom to think we're not taking his proposal seriously.	CK	1
325059	The board of directors is going to discuss the proposal next Tuesday.	CK	1
1484788	I have a proposal.	Guybrush88
1962671	I accept his proposal.	swingman57
1708907	I accept this proposal.	Amastan
1011300	I support the proposal.	Nero
288162	He declined my proposal.	Nero
309579	I'm all for her proposal.	CM
291176	He voted for the proposal.	CK
49671	The proposal went through.	CK
305831	They adopted the proposal.	CK
680383	They blocked his proposal.	Source_VOA
680666	Tom's proposal was denied.	Source_VOA
2151800	Your proposal sounds good.	freddy1
1723898	His proposal was worthless.	belgavox
1815925	I agree with your proposal.	Chrikaru
297406	He turned down our proposal.	CK
314355	She turned down my proposal.	CK
807004	Congress passed the proposal.	Source_VOA
247421	Do you agree to our proposal?	CM
805308	No one welcomed the proposal.	Source_VOA
312138	She turned down his proposal.	CK
314095	She turned down our proposal.	CK
287206	We should adopt his proposal.	CK