English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Properly" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2334057	I handled it properly.	CK	1
1841607	Let's do this properly.	CK	1
2377482	I like things done properly.	CK	1
2073712	The pump didn't work properly.	CK	1
60818	I can't get the door to shut properly.	CK	1
2291200	I didn't take the time to do it properly.	CK	1
2952007	I don't know how to speak French properly.	CK	1
1026382	Tom didn't have time to do the job properly.	CK	1
1026107	Tom doesn't know how to speak French properly.	CK	1
1300205	Our dorm's heating system isn't working properly.	CK	1
1026109	Tom doesn't know how to pronounce my name properly.	CK	1
284634	He doesn't have the ability to do the work properly.	CK	1
1026104	Tom doesn't know how to treat his employees properly.	CK	1
903867	I think it's time for me to show you how to do that properly.	CK	1
898553	If you feed your dog properly, you can increase his lifespan.	CK	1
1027559	I doubt that Tom will ever learn how to speak French properly.	CK	1
2537058	I don't know if I can speak French well enough to explain this properly.	CK	1
3154863	Has Tom been eating properly?	CK
38948	The toilet doesn't flush properly.	CK
836806	The car door doesn't close properly.	Guybrush88
2590641	Are you brushing your teeth properly?	Dejo
40194	Are you brushing your teeth properly?	CK
31134	The motor does not function properly.	CK
65536	My boy can't do addition properly yet.	CK
67230	Certain poisons, properly used, are useful.	CM
896040	Brush your teeth properly before going to bed.	Scott
745790	You should stretch properly before exercising.	Minorojo
318472	Make sure that the sick are properly cared for.	CM
283842	Would you see to it that they get properly fed?	CM
275277	You must eat properly to keep up your strength.	CK
66975	The questionnaire form was distributed properly.	CK
29934	Food must be chewed well to be digested properly.	CM
40195	Chew your food well so it can be digested properly.	CK
1397016	Please be sure to close the cap properly after use.	hrin
2138302	He can't work properly until he's had his cup of joe.	Hybrid
271587	Properly used, certain poisons will prove beneficial.	CM
57590	If it is used properly, this tool will be a great help.	CK
1522373	My computer is connected to a properly grounded outlet.	erikspen
1893822	We have to figure out why the machine isn't working properly.	CK
245408	Not doing one's work properly may be worse than not doing it at all.	CM
31116	Mrs. Brown warned Beth that if she didn't eat properly she would be permanently overweight.	CK
31779	The man in charge of the merry-go-round decided to make sure everything was working properly.	CK
954083	It's important to take good care of your teeth so you'll be able to eat properly when you get older.	CK
954352	The iPad would be a perfect solution for me if it could properly display web pages with Flash content.	CK