English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pronunciation" in Example Sentences
Page 1

38823	Please correct my pronunciation.	CK	1
2451399	Is French pronunciation difficult?	CK	1
3049857	I'm sorry my pronunciation isn't very good.	CK	1
2451221	I'd like to improve my French pronunciation.	CK	1
1094320	Tom doesn't think Mary's French pronunciation is very good.	CK	1
1092883	Tom spent the whole day working on his French pronunciation.	CK	1
1026828	Tom can write almost like a native speaker, but his pronunciation is terrible.	CK	1
734057	Both pronunciations are correct.	Eldad
287309	His pronunciation is far from perfect.	CK
70426	Your pronunciation is more or less correct.	Eldad
717974	She gave him a few pointers on pronunciation.	papabear
1452826	What's the Italian pronunciation of this word?	Eldad
256219	I would like to improve my English pronunciation.	CK
247429	Our English teacher put emphasis on pronunciation.	CK
313822	She practiced her English pronunciation yesterday.	adjusting
277274	Do not be shy. Your pronunciation is more or less correct.	CK