English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Promote" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245798	I got promoted.	CK	1
2244568	I promoted Tom.	CK	1
388611	She was promoted.	CK	1
2247940	I'm being promoted.	CK	1
2248350	I've been promoted.	CK	1
2362212	I just got promoted.	CK	1
1951666	I can't get promoted.	CK	1
1093936	Tom got promoted recently.	CK	1
1026496	Tom deserves to be promoted.	CK	1
1418701	Tom was promoted to foreman.	Spamster	1
1092368	Tom was promoted to manager.	CK	1
294511	He was promoted to section chief.	CK	1
1095133	Tom couldn't decide who should get promoted.	CK	1
476173	His lack of technical knowledge kept him from being promoted.	CK	1
3360522	Tom was promoted.	CK
2911849	Were you promoted?	mervert1
279982	He deserves to be promoted.	CM
304638	He was promoted to general.	CK
286437	His job is to promote sales.	CK
269336	Fresh vegetables promote health.	CM
303531	He worked hard to promote peace.	CK
2541511	I was promoted three months ago.	CK
274110	Mutual understanding promotes peace.	CM
319255	My father was promoted to president.	CK
2258533	He was promoted three times in one year.	_undertoad
300275	He promoted the idea of world government.	CK
430019	He was promoted to colonel two years ago.	witbrock
39246	The company is promoting a new car on TV.	CM
271199	We must work hard to promote world peace.	CK
2957277	Tom is the one who deserves to be promoted.	CK
300632	He managed to get himself promoted last week.	CK
296330	He was promoted to the position of head teacher.	CK
1891679	He was promoted to the position of school principal.	CK
271467	The government started a program to promote industry.	CK
281558	Japan plays an important role in promoting world peace.	CM
310823	She has been promoted twice since she joined this company.	CK
271470	The government has taken measures to promote domestic industry.	CM
478202	The government is promoting the use of domestically made products.	CM
51173	This would help us promote your products in the most effective way.	CK