English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Progress" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2251225	That's real progress.	CK	1
2255447	You've made progress.	CK	1
2237004	Tom isn't progressing.	CK	1
2546469	Progress is being made.	CK	1
1164512	Tom is making progress.	CK	1
2218204	You're making progress.	CK	1
2359943	I've made some progress.	CK	1
3311024	We're making good progress.	CK	1
2359939	I haven't made much progress.	CK	1
1948587	I knew I was making progress.	al_ex_an_der	1
2541910	I'm glad we made some progress.	CK	1
1806237	I feel like I'm making progress.	Spamster	1
2541438	I'll send you a progress report.	CK	1
286877	I'm satisfied with his progress.	CK	1
293996	He has made rapid progress in English.	CK	1
2025934	Tom wants a progress report right now.	CK	1
1024955	Tom is making great progress in French.	CK	1
285555	I'm amazed at his rapid progress in English.	CK	1
2451207	I'm amazed at Tom's rapid progress in French.	CK	1
21331	The students are making good progress in English.	CK	1
1938788	I thought Tom would stop by to check on our progress.	CK	1
272259	Oil has played an important part in the progress of civilization.	CK	1
58086	You seem to have made considerable progress since I saw you last.	CK	1
1877169	I'm making progress.	Spamster
2196736	Work is in progress.	freddy1
1806238	He's making progress.	Spamster
1877168	We're making progress.	Spamster
1806236	We are making progress.	Spamster
1634455	It's a work in progress.	Spamster
2020574	You can't stop progress.	Spamster
1488262	We've made good progress.	Spamster
47639	The work is now in progress.	CK
3153310	Great progress has been made.	eirik174
3010399	The work progressed smoothly.	Hautis
245372	The work progressed smoothly.	CM
3060854	Tom has made steady progress.	sharptoothed
315801	She is progressing in Chinese.	CK
1544435	The economy progressed slowly.	Bah_Dure
3312845	We seem to be making progress.	CK
49943	The project is now in progress.	CK
1039466	We made a lot of progress today.	GPHemsley
326033	How is that business progressing?	CM
245392	The work is progressing steadily.	CM
3311023	We're definitely making progress.	CK
1543529	Our plans are progressing smoothly.	JimBreen
814190	We've made a lot of progress today.	eastasiastudent
1961309	I thought I was making some progress.	CK
1574920	The discussions are still in progress.	erikspen
239252	Have you made progress in your studies?	CK
293028	He is making great progress in English.	CK