English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Professor" in Example Sentences
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256939	I am a professor.	CK	1
2241001	We're professors.	CK	1
2272854	Tom is a professor.	CK	1
2641897	Tom doesn't look like a professor.	CK	1
1493338	Tom's dad is a university professor.	Spamster	1
681378	Tom is a professor of Chinese literature.	Source_VOA	1
3023580	Tom is the son of a famous professor in Boston.	CK	1
19007	The professor treated her as one of his students.	CK	1
262860	We all took for granted that the professor could speak English.	CK	1
525150	She's a professor.	darinmex
490772	She's my professor.	FeuDRenais
1218408	They are professors.	hebrajska
2116142	You are a professor.	jamesforsyth
19018	The professor smiled.	CK
1499145	The professor grinned.	weihaiping
873456	My brother is a professor.	alexmarcelo
2643976	Tom is a college professor.	CK
407580	May I speak to the professor?	Scott
2956996	Tom is a chemistry professor.	CK
1499147	The professor smiled a little.	weihaiping
1499150	The professor smiled slightly.	weihaiping
2957014	Tom is a professor at Harvard.	CK
908740	Who's your favorite professor?	CK
1313222	One of the professors whispered.	CK
2240442	But that's impossible, professor.	Hybrid
871348	I saw Professor Gómez yesterday.	NekoKanjya
2955696	Tom and Mary are both professors.	CK
52892	Professor Jones retires next year.	CK
680714	The professor dismissed his ideas.	Source_VOA
961997	The professor is making a phone call.	Eevee
293343	He is a professor of English at Leeds.	CK
2834314	I'm meeting the professor at 1:30 p.m.	astynk
1330517	The new professor is in the classroom.	Eldad
1415605	The professor calmly washed his hands.	CM
292356	He's a professor of biology at Harvard.	CK
35133	Professor Hudson is my father's friend.	CK
326121	Professor Suzuki is an expert historian.	CK
19019	The professor solved the problem at last.	CK
34621	Do you know Professor Brown by any chance?	CM
68097	He is a doctor and a university professor.	CK
1492104	I hear he is a Tokyo University professor.	nknight
19024	Our professor paid the bill for all of us.	NekoKanjya
965535	Professor Brown explains things very well.	FeuDRenais
19012	The professor encouraged me in my studies.	CK
289798	He was a professor at Cambridge University.	CK
20507	Submit your term papers to Professor White.	NekoKanjya
19006	The professor seemed to be lost in thought.	LittleBoy
262805	We have a high regard for Professor Turner.	CM
2258573	He's a professor at the National University.	_undertoad
682269	Dr. Johnson is a professor at the university.	Source_VOA