English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Print" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2892390	Tom's prints were on the gun.	CK	1
1094090	Tom finds it difficult to read small print.	CK	1
1889715	Tom squints his eyes when trying to read small print.	CK	1
1468427	Help me print this.	Nero
1541491	The book is out of print.	Spamster
1625140	I have to print 100 pages.	wallebot
764192	This book is out of print.	CK
27156	When was printing invented?	NekoKanjya
3329678	Can you print it out for me?	CK
3329683	Can you print us out a list?	CK
44975	The notice was badly printed.	CK
3329676	Can you print that out for me?	CK
3022456	Print it all in small letters.	sharptoothed
269246	Newly printed books smell good.	CK
286423	His job has to do with printing.	CM
27159	Printing ink is in short supply.	NekoKanjya
2427808	This print is too small to read.	arnxy20
3314634	Did you read all the small print?	CK
56992	This book was printed in England.	CK
2065198	The papers didn't print this story.	halfb1t
807263	Newspapers printed the proclamation.	Source_VOA
56853	This book will be printed next year.	CK
1124656	Some photos were printed in black and white.	kedge
59814	This machine can print sixty pages a minute.	CM
36406	Why did you put off the printing of my book?	CM
1127427	These documents were printed on recycled paper.	darinmex
807608	A newspaper printed a story about the operation.	Source_VOA
34525	The printing business made Bill a small fortune.	Swift
541985	Read the fine print whenever you take out a loan.	darinmex
2890176	There are three printing presses in the workshop.	sharptoothed
285595	A summary of his speech was printed in the newspaper.	CM
244017	The first printing machine was invented by Gutenberg.	CM
27157	Mistakes in the printing should be pointed out at once.	NekoKanjya
254653	I want to buy a copy of the book, but it is out of print.	CK
261739	I could do nothing but stare stupidly at the printed page.	CK
57032	This book, which was once a best seller, is now out of print.	CK
288932	Since he can read such tiny print, he is far from being near-sighted.	CK
59680	This textbook, having been printed in haste, has a lot of printing mistakes.	CM
2673801	Tom and his friends use the school printer every month to print the student bulletin.	WestofEden
3351555	Tom didn't read the fine print on his insurance policy, and was shocked to find that his claim wasn't covered.	patgfisher