English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Principal" in Example Sentences
Page 1

413023	He must be the principal.	CK	1
2013984	I'd like to see the principal.	CK	1
296329	He has just become a principal.	CK	1
1960904	The school principal suspended Tom for two days.	CK	1
296328	He dislikes the principal.	papabear
67102	I bet he is our principal.	CK
257395	I met the principal himself.	CK
257394	I spoke to the principal himself.	CM
240910	Our principal made a long speech.	CK
1700596	I am complaining to the principal.	Amastan
426384	Our school's principal is very old.	FeuDRenais
1358628	The principal wants to talk to you.	CK
266835	Among those present was our principal.	CM
1359682	Mike visited our principal, Mr. Ogaki.	CK
290794	He is the principal of the high school.	CK
1449760	Mr. Hunt is the principal of our school.	CK
240902	The principal assured me of her honesty.	CK
240900	The principal came in after the teacher.	CK
2538593	You're wanted in the principal's office.	CK
370681	The teacher is with the school principal.	saeb
1079584	He rudely turned his back to the principal.	keira_n
247466	The principal of our school is an American.	CK
1359683	Mike visited Mr. Ogaki who is our principal.	CK
2373955	I just saw Tom entering the principal's office.	CK
240906	The meeting was held at the principal's office.	CM
1731155	Is it true that you complained to the principal?	Amastan
2890168	The principal called the teachers into his office.	sharptoothed
1891679	He was promoted to the position of school principal.	CK
1087191	The principal shook hands with each of the graduates.	CK
2890130	This is one of the principal arguments against your plan.	sharptoothed
240903	The principal presented each of the graduates with diploma.	CK
243038	Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.	CM