English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pressure" in Example Sentences
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2235694	Don't pressure Tom.	CK	1
2250019	Stop pressuring me.	CK	1
2273572	Tom is under pressure.	CK	1
257206	I have low blood pressure.	sacredceltic	1
887338	She pressured him to quit.	CK	1
2401180	Tom pressured me to do it.	CK	1
241256	I have high blood pressure.	CK	1
1025358	Tom has low blood pressure.	CK	1
1028191	Tom pressured Mary to quit.	CK	1
2543794	I took Tom's blood pressure.	CK	1
1025374	Tom has high blood pressure.	CK	1
718864	I work better under pressure.	cagey_cat	1
2014033	We don't want to pressure you.	CK	1
2315337	I don't work well under pressure.	CK	1
1093853	Tom had his blood pressure taken.	CK	1
41119	Could you check the tire pressure?	CK	1
887337	She pressured him to quit his job.	CK	1
2322768	I don't need that kind of pressure.	CK	1
2033681	We don't want you to feel pressured.	CK	1
2528533	We want to take your blood pressure.	CK	1
2359296	I've been under a lot of pressure lately.	CK	1
1024793	Tom is under pressure to find a solution to this problem.	CK	1
2042748	I don't want you to feel that I'm pressuring you to do this.	CK	1
1902518	He pressured me.	blay_paul
3360527	Tom pressured me.	CK
293491	He yielded to pressure.	CM
66083	I'm always under pressure.	CK
321897	I work best under pressure.	CK
3023676	Tom is cool under pressure.	CK
1139330	I'm under a lot of pressure.	soj4l
2542598	I was under a lot of pressure.	CK
545682	Don't give in to peer pressure.	darinmex
1522393	The pressure is getting to him.	Spamster
2890390	Check the pressure of the tires.	sharptoothed
688621	Do you work well under pressure?	pandark
238765	Let me take your blood pressure.	CK
2577659	The nurse took my blood pressure.	Hybrid
2540712	Your blood pressure is very high.	CK
238764	My blood pressure is 155 over 105.	CK
2540216	I was under a lot of pressure then.	CK
2154932	There was a ton of pressure on him.	Hybrid
2253662	Is there an air pressure gauge here?	MrShoval
310004	She suffers from low blood pressure.	Eldad
296397	He suffered from high blood pressure.	CK
681785	The pipe burst due to great pressure.	Source_VOA
1820253	You should check your blood pressure.	Spamster
1936506	I'd like to check your blood pressure.	CK
33440	I've come under pressure from my boss.	CK
3099925	The nurse has taken my blood pressure.	CK
805377	Public pressure forced the army to act.	Source_VOA