English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Preserve" in Example Sentences
Page 1

326083	Refrigerators help to preserve food.	CK	1
2744933	I want a jar of preserves.	sharptoothed
282140	Rainforests should be preserved.	CK
305752	They have preserved the building.	CK
30056	Good traditions should be preserved.	CM
25752	Salt helps to preserve food from decay.	CK
2890264	We had to smoke our meat to preserve it.	sharptoothed
1991965	Museums do a pretty good job preserving history.	CK
67202	A group started a campaign to preserve rain forests.	CM
272641	A fund was set up to preserve endangered marine life.	CK
699981	Preserves must be stored in a jar with an airtight seal.	darinmex
23073	We must all take care to preserve our national heritage.	Swift
28803	We must try to preserve the remains of ancient civilizations.	CM
323495	A fund was set up with a view to preserving our endured planet.	CM
329593	The contents of the four registers are preserved by the called subroutine.	fcbond