English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Prescribe" in Example Sentences
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266989	I'll give you a prescription.	CK	1
1094137	Tom feels a little better after taking the medicine that the doctor prescribed.	CK	1
2644847	Tom needs a prescription.	CK
2715747	Will I need a prescription?	Guybrush88
266988	Let me see your prescription.	CM
1811754	The doctor prescribed it for her.	pne
1229114	The doctor prescribed her medicine.	Scott
1341356	To get a prescription, go to a doctor.	CK
324250	Take this prescription to your pharmacy.	CK
74001	Go to the doctor to get your prescription!	CM
51437	Sorry, we can't fill this prescription here.	CK
460059	The doctor prescribed medicine for the patient.	saasmath
681452	The doctor prescribed some medicine for her cold.	Source_VOA
2840573	You can get this medicine without a prescription.	patgfisher
324231	Let me write you a prescription for some medicine.	Zifre
27931	The physician prescribed his patient some medicine.	NekoKanjya
1008018	You can't buy this medicine without a prescription.	AOCinJAPAN
903860	I think it's time for me to refill this prescription.	CK
1270772	The doctor prescribed two dialy doses to the patient.	CK
329284	How about consulting a doctor and getting sedatives prescribed?	fcbond
2958321	Tom took a pill from the prescription bottle and put it in his mouth.	CK
329007	I was given a nasty look when I asked for my prescription at the local doctor's.	fcbond