English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pregnant" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2240283	Tom's wife's pregnant.	CK	1
1442058	She's pregnant.	CK
2719753	Are you pregnant?	WestofEden
1522327	Mary is pregnant.	Spamster
1412734	My dog is pregnant.	enteka
456675	She became pregnant.	lukaszpp
1324296	I think I'm pregnant.	Scott
2235	I am four months pregnant.	CM
681781	Mary is 36 weeks pregnant.	Source_VOA
1855260	She's pregnant with twins.	Spamster
316106	She is eight months pregnant.	vbkun
3330216	I heard that Mary was pregnant.	CK
3155843	Tom put his hand on his pregnant wife's belly.	CK
681782	I discussed baby names with my pregnant sister.	Source_VOA
681780	Tom's wife is pregnant with their second child.	Source_VOA
881785	Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.	JimBreen
1024896	Tom is pretty sure that he can't become pregnant.	CK
1405934	The survey revealed that most pregnant women prefer girls.	CM
954498	What are some foods you shouldn't eat if you are pregnant?	CK
954798	You should avoid tight fitting clothes if you are pregnant.	CK
665557	My heart skipped a beat when my wife told me she was pregnant.	darinmex
825631	One out of 455 women doesn't realize she's pregnant until the twentieth week of pregnancy.	Spamster