English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pray" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2187249	Let's pray.	CK	1
2203754	Tom prayed.	CK	1
2249823	Pray for me.	CK	1
2235679	Did Tom pray?	CK	1
2244661	Pray for Tom.	CK	1
2247798	I'll pray hard.	CK	1
1660975	Tom is praying.	Amastan	1
2111870	Everyone prayed.	CK	1
2648767	Pray for me, Tom.	CK	1
3330084	I'll pray for Tom.	CK	1
2648466	Pray with me, Tom.	CK	1
26855	We prayed for rain.	CK	1
2241433	We prayed together.	CK	1
2953864	We'll pray for you.	CK	1
304885	We knelt down to pray.	CK	1
1839525	I'll be praying for you.	CK	1
22845	We all knelt down to pray.	CK	1
1024334	Tom prayed to God for help.	CK	1
302197	He prays several times a day.	CK	1
305202	We prayed for their happiness.	CK	1
1027162	Tom always prays before eating.	CK	1
1740685	I pray for Tom almost every day.	Amastan	1
315583	She prayed for her son's return.	CK	1
1028196	Tom prayed for Mary to get well.	CK	1
1028195	Tom prayed for Mary's safe return.	CK	1
2953890	We're all praying for Tom's recovery.	CK	1
1027126	Tom and the other farmers prayed for rain.	CK	1
1661143	I am praying.	Amastan
1686821	I cannot pray now.	Amastan
1994360	I'll pray for you.	Spamster
1387234	Let's all pray together.	Guybrush88
1399929	I pray for a better future.	xellugis
1739419	I can teach you how to pray.	Amastan
789387	We are all praying for Japan.	CM
1722869	Have you ever prayed in a mosque?	Amastan
2891816	Praying for Tom is all you can do.	CK
1747711	When was the last time you prayed?	Amastan
2958079	Tom seemed to be praying to himself.	CK
1650622	I sometimes pray in the meeting room.	Amastan
315111	She used to pray before going to bed.	mamat
2007259	Let's just pray it never happens again.	CK
2957708	Tom prayed that Mary would forgive him.	CK
2124012	When the shooting began, I just prayed.	MrShoval
733789	Muslims always pray facing toward Mecca.	darinmex
1823926	I prayed that my father would forgive me.	Amastan
1823907	I prayed that my mother would forgive me.	Amastan
2007246	Let's just pray this never happens again.	CK
435637	I pray that you will have the best of luck.	CK
316934	She prayed that her mother would forgive her.	CK
1823918	Tom prayed that his mother would forgive him.	Amastan