English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Potato" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1721095	I like potato salad.	Spamster	1
253906	I want some potatoes.	CK	1
2328104	Don't be a couch potato.	CK	1
2609654	I ate some potato chips.	WestofEden	1
1095761	Tom boiled the potatoes.	CK	1
1164327	Tom peeled the potatoes.	CK	1
852616	Please peel the potatoes.	CK	1
2328107	You're such a couch potato.	CK	1
2328105	Don't be such a couch potato.	CK	1
1954611	You can't live on potato chips.	CK	1
2253020	I cut my finger peeling potatoes.	_undertoad	1
2540922	I'm not eating this potato salad.	CK	1
1027067	Tom ate half a bag of potato chips.	CK	1
2331735	I had steak and potatoes last night.	CK	1
53187	When were potatoes introduced into Japan?	CK	1
1093216	Tom mashed the potatoes with a large fork.	CK	1
2328106	Don't let your children become couch potatoes.	CK	1
1040624	Tom had meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.	CK	1
1025071	Tom is boiling the potatoes to make potato salad.	CK	1
1847721	Tom likes to eat mashed potatoes with lots of gravy.	CK	1
953599	I shouldn't have eaten the whole bag of potato chips.	CK	1
1023874	Tom wouldn't mind eating meat and potatoes every day of the week.	CK	1
431100	Cut the potatoes.	FeuDRenais
2580869	We ate potato soup.	Hybrid
2264737	Boil those potatoes.	_undertoad
1911920	Pass me the potatoes.	CK
1721091	He likes potato salad.	Spamster
324477	Yukiko likes potatoes.	CK
862341	Potatoes are very cheap.	edelyn90
2892376	Tom was a potato farmer.	CK
1580036	Did you buy some potatoes?	fanty
2985649	I want a sack of potatoes.	sharptoothed
1157290	She is peeling the potatoes.	belgavox
1580201	Buy four big potatoes for me.	fanty
2784480	Do you have any new potatoes?	sharptoothed
53182	Have you dug up the potatoes?	CK
954000	Is eating potatoes fattening?	CK
524054	Peel the potatoes and carrots.	wma
3060740	Put the potatoes on the stove.	sharptoothed
301702	He grew potatoes in his garden.	xtofu80
637462	I'll boil the potatoes for you.	kebukebu
2317556	The poor peasants ate potatoes.	Hybrid
2266307	He had steak and fried potatoes.	_undertoad
1579306	Why does nobody eat my potatoes?	fanty
32264	Medium-rare and a potato, please.	CK
630952	Potato chips are not good for you.	ulyssemc1
30500	Help yourself to more potato chips.	CK
1815700	Would you like more mashed potatoes?	cathrynm
1588743	I don't know anything about potatoes.	CM
53184	I want some potatoes. Do you have any?	CK