English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Postcard" in Example Sentences
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324886	Send me a postcard.	CK	1
525899	I collect postcards.	darooo	1
2290285	I didn't even get a postcard.	CK	1
325651	My parents sent me a postcard.	CK	1
880517	I would like to buy some postcards.	alexmarcelo	1
2641590	Tom's mailbox is full of postcards.	CK	1
57755	There are many postcards in this store.	CK	1
325591	I don't like to send postcards when I'm on a trip.	CK	1
887379	She sent him a postcard.	CK
880588	There's a postcard here.	alexmarcelo
3330217	I'll send Tom a postcard.	CK
2206673	I'll send you a postcard.	Hybrid
312608	She handed me a postcard.	CK
3350116	Please send me a postcard.	CK
2182627	Dad went out to get postcards.	galoosh33
2949034	This postcard is from Australia.	CK
887378	She sent him a postcard from Boston.	CK
3308313	Tom sent a picture postcard to Mary.	CK
60715	I want to send this postcard to Japan.	CK
535375	Thank you for your beautiful postcard.	Espi
2556458	I showed these postcards to my friends.	DiscoNostalgia
318922	My father has gone out to buy postcard.	CK
55249	All of these picture postcards are mine.	CK
430163	I'd like to send this postcard to Japan.	witbrock
253800	I showed my friends these picture postcards.	CK
324386	A friend of mine asked me to send her a postcard.	CK
1825166	What does a stamp for a postcard to Germany cost?	pne
750483	The postcard was finally delivered after 37 years.	Swift
35495	Put this stamp on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.	CK
308319	She sent me a postcard that said she hates the smell of animals.	CK