English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Position" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2548924	We're in position.	CK	1
1852272	Hold your position.	CK	1
2262184	Is Tom in position?	CK	1
2273236	Tom is in position.	CK	1
2245589	Hold your positions.	CK	1
2250071	Take your positions.	CK	1
2234179	What's your position?	CK	1
2050588	What position do you play?	CK	1
2359940	I've made my position clear.	CK	1
2050599	What position does Tom play?	CK	1
2307981	I changed my position on that.	CK	1
2541871	I'm in no position to help you.	CK	1
1094697	Tom didn't make his position clear.	CK	1
16863	I understand your position perfectly.	CK	1
257449	I am not now in a position to help you.	CK	1
252773	I'm not in a position to give you advice.	CK	1
2028412	They don't want a woman for that position.	CK	1
1027109	Tom applied for the position, but he didn't get it.	CK	1
1636095	He's out of position.	Spamster
301462	He enjoys his position.	CM
300086	He is a man of position.	CM
2644398	Tom is almost in position.	CK
17075	What position do you hold?	Zifre
689870	All the positions are full.	ulyssemc1
1933574	I appreciate your position.	CK
291161	He applied for the position.	Eldad
61464	Put yourself in my position.	CK
3061042	Tom made his position clear.	CK
3312853	We'd better get in position.	CK
3311026	We're getting into position.	CK
298350	He got a position as a clerk.	CM
288203	He is seeking a new position.	CM
1328473	Please understand my position.	Scott
2642857	Tom understands your position.	CK
3060910	We stormed the enemy positions.	sharptoothed
298878	He explained his position to me.	CK
257562	I am now in a delicate position.	CK
64140	I'm not in a position to answer.	CM
273558	All the players were in position.	CK
311739	She has a very enviable position.	CM
2700626	What would you do in my position?	Hybrid
277062	His position enabled him to do so.	CM
259408	I am ready to give up my position.	CM
1541477	What's the best sleeping position?	Spamster
298879	He did not make his position clear.	FWK
2266325	He has a good position in the bank.	_undertoad
1403180	I'm not in a position to accept it.	Eldad
291160	He thinks he is fit for the position.	CM
274880	Many people applied for the position.	CK
294873	He lay down in a comfortable position.	CK