English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Porch" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2400212	Tom is on the back porch.	CK	1
32014	Mary would often sit alone on the porch.	CK	1
2208733	Tom sat alone on the porch smoking a cigar.	CK	1
1894508	Tom sat on the porch reading the newspaper.	CK	1
1095951	Tom and Mary often had their morning coffee on the front porch.	CK	1
1892644	Tom was leaning against the porch railing with a drink in his hand.	CK	1
1860643	Leave the box on the porch.	CK
2644055	This was left on the porch.	CK
2643873	Tom watched from his porch.	CK
2643158	Tom walked in from the porch.	CK
2642985	Tom and Mary are on the porch.	CK
313498	She swept the dirt from the porch.	CK
2641851	Tom remained outside on the porch.	CK
2267531	Let's sun ourselves on the sun porch.	_undertoad
3023999	The man on the porch looked like Tom.	CK
2958039	Tom saw some toys on Mary's front porch.	CK
3116515	Tom is on the porch reading the evening paper.	CK
3078344	Tom is just sitting on the porch, doing nothing.	CK
2640116	Tom sat on the porch, reading the evening paper.	CK
2537585	Tom was sitting on the porch, reading a magazine.	CK
306175	They waited on the porch until it stopped raining.	CK
3041881	Tom and Mary are sitting on the porch drinking coffee.	CK
2639739	Tom and Mary were having coffee together out on the porch.	CK
2639706	Tom and Mary are sitting on the porch talking to each other.	CK
3086047	Tom sat on the porch having a coffee and a cigarette and watched the world go by.	patgfisher
3097215	After Tom finished watering the plants, he sat down on the porch to enjoy the sunset.	CK