English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Politics" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1173625	I hate politics.	CK	1
1494222	Tom doesn't like politics.	Spamster	1
509204	He has no interest in politics.	blay_paul	1
2360150	I have no interest in politics.	CK	1
2541840	I'm not interested in politics.	CK	1
31763	Mary is interested in politics.	CK	1
1092517	Tom wanted to go into politics.	CK	1
1025332	Tom has no interest in politics.	CK	1
2541123	I don't know much about politics.	CK	1
2359423	I've decided to get into politics.	CK	1
2698594	Tom is not interested in politics.	WestofEden	1
2539701	I'm thinking of going into politics.	CK	1
436405	I am not interested in politics at all.	lukaszpp	1
1024691	Tom isn't interested in politics at all.	CK	1
281719	Lots of people in Japan are indifferent to politics.	CM	1
241757	If students today had more free time, they might show more interest in politics.	CK	1
22866	We argued politics.	CM
509205	Politics leaves him cold.	blay_paul
2300589	They talked about politics.	Hybrid
500548	Are you involved in politics?	blay_paul
300350	Politics didn't interest him.	CK
271363	I suggest we discuss politics.	CM
69172	Are you interested in politics?	CK
300348	He knows nothing about politics.	CK
2892321	Tom is active in local politics.	CK
807136	Andrew became active in politics.	Source_VOA
300351	He has lost interest in politics.	CK
3181841	Tom loves talking about politics.	CK
803126	He had limited skills in politics.	Source_VOA
300346	He distanced himself from politics.	CM
34263	Mrs. Brown wrote a book on politics.	CK
804199	After the war, Ford entered politics.	Source_VOA
2539185	I'm really not interested in politics.	CK
300349	He seems to be indifferent to politics.	CK
1557597	He doesn't know anything about politics.	CM
803161	He had promised to stay out of politics.	Source_VOA
3182027	Tom doesn't like talking about politics.	CK
248939	We must separate politics from religion.	CK
248002	We often talked about Japanese politics.	CK
802440	He said they should stay out of politics.	Source_VOA
803194	He was a fresh face in American politics.	Source_VOA
418381	Law and politics are two different things.	sirgazil
2549898	Tom has been engaged in politics for years.	sharptoothed
807519	Truman had long been interested in politics.	Source_VOA
2538005	I thought you weren't interested in politics.	CK
2712607	I'm not as interested in politics as you are.	CK
807532	Most men in politics just did not like Adams.	Source_VOA
271365	My interest in politics is strictly academic.	CK
2537862	Tom doesn't seem to be interested in politics.	CK
288212	He prides himself on his knowledge of politics.	CM