English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Politician" in Example Sentences
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2272850	Tom is a politician.	CK	1
249935	I am not cut out to be a politician.	CK	1
1347383	Benjamin Franklin was an American politician and inventor.	CK	1
2383041	I don't trust politicians.	diegohn
1992227	I don't trust politicians.	Marcus
803001	He was not a good politician.	Source_VOA
1611142	These politicians are corrupt.	Spamster
908739	Who's your favorite politician?	CK
739178	Italian politicians make me mad.	Zifre
33088	Mr. White is a liberal politician.	CK
300355	He is not a politician but a lawyer.	Nero
1288648	People threw eggs at the politician.	CK
68044	That politician is full of ambition.	CM
271386	A politician should serve the people.	CM
264665	Few politicians admit their mistakes.	CK
286953	His days as a politician are numbered.	CM
421988	I can't stand that kind of politician.	CK
276522	Nobody speaks well of that politician.	CM
271388	Politicians are good at raising money.	CK
2259361	The politician stirred up the workers.	_undertoad
1540023	Politicians should keep their promises.	JimBreen
681890	The politician was removed from office.	Source_VOA
20196	The reporter criticized the politician.	CK
680577	They contacted their local politicians.	Source_VOA
803165	He must be a good politician and leader.	Source_VOA
1126530	He's considered to be a great politician.	nadsat
324198	Many politicians fail to keep their word.	CK
803265	He was a very smart lawyer and politician.	Source_VOA
287121	His ambition was to be a great politician.	CM
2820823	I can't quite picture Tom as a politician.	sharptoothed
284650	He has the backing of a certain politician.	CM
619288	Many politicians don't keep their promises.	CK
681872	The politician proposed reforms to Congress.	Source_VOA
803297	He was a much better general than politician.	Source_VOA
274910	Many politicians fail to keep their promises.	CK
271385	Politicians never tell us their inner thoughts.	CM
1265164	Actors and politicians never pass up a photo op.	darinmex
1482408	Some politicians are wolves in sheep's clothing.	Nero
248940	We tend to associate politicians with hypocrisy.	CM
805448	Lincoln was a good politician and a smart lawyer.	Source_VOA
238236	The police found the politician dead in his room.	CK
291784	He finally made a name for himself as a politician.	CK
792233	The politician was thought to be telling the truth.	CM
1008845	He bribed that politician with a great deal of money.	AOCinJAPAN
300411	He got the reputation for being an honest politician.	Zifre
271376	The politician tried to cover up the insider trading.	CK
273543	Some politicians never make good on campaign promises.	CM
45937	The politician was not ashamed of having taken bribes.	CK
264954	A slip of the tongue is sometimes fatal to a politician.	CM
50718	The two politicians met face to face for the first time.	CK