English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Policy" in Example Sentences
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2251183	That's our policy.	CK	1
3227166	It's a stupid policy.	CK	1
2711980	It's a stupid policy.	CK	1
3221334	That's a stupid policy.	CK	1
1027215	Tom adopted a new policy.	CK	1
3142792	It's a questionable policy.	CK	1
299909	He had decided on a new policy.	CK	1
271686	Honesty is not always the best policy.	CK	1
2408450	I think we ought to change our policy.	CK	1
903685	There is an urgent need for a new policy.	CK	1
23640	Our policy is to build for the future, not the past.	NekoKanjya	1
239815	It is our policy not to give out personal information.	CK	1
954377	There have been a lot of complaints about that policy.	CK	1
258968	I don't agree with the government's policy on education.	CK	1
1030143	Even though it's against company policy, Tom and Mary kiss and hug every time they meet.	CK	1
17018	Your policy is mistaken.	iamgrim
306913	They adopted a new policy.	CK
806937	His policy was soon tested.	Source_VOA
271679	Honesty is the best policy.	CK
807054	Johnson defended his policies.	Source_VOA
305238	Are you in favor of their policy?	CK
807183	His policies were too progressive.	Source_VOA
2258240	Has there been any change in policy?	_undertoad
2958458	Tom wanted the policy to be changed.	CK
317713	They eagerly supported his new policy.	CK
803219	He seemed to understand foreign policy.	Source_VOA
271681	Honesty, I believe, is the best policy.	CM
280029	Our policy is to satisfy our customers.	CK
2890272	I don't agree with their present policy.	sharptoothed
258976	I think that honesty is the best policy.	CK
803188	He also promised a strong foreign policy.	Source_VOA
70742	Your plan is not in line with our policy.	Zifre
802461	They still supported him and his policies.	Source_VOA
16578	Are you in favor of or against that policy?	CK
2649630	I don't know much about our foreign policy.	sharptoothed
259126	I intend to follow my predecessor's policy.	CK
1969193	The government's policies failed miserably.	CK
803240	He condemned those who opposed his policies.	Source_VOA
22865	We studied the government's economic policy.	CK
860608	America once favored a policy of isolationism.	papabear
817192	Do you have a private medical insurance policy?	hrin
271456	The government had to alter its foreign policy.	Nero
271416	The Government's domestic policy was announced.	CK
681876	The state is going to reform its drug policies.	Source_VOA
807611	Clay did not agree with all of Adams's policies.	Source_VOA
805394	Federalist leaders denounced Jefferson's policy.	Source_VOA
2267272	In my opinion, it's better to change the policy.	_undertoad
802626	They said such a policy would lead to smuggling.	Source_VOA
45957	We have to conclude that the policy is a failure.	Zifre
294109	He attacked the government's policy in his speech.	CK