English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Poem" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2819432	I write poems.	Hybrid	1
259390	I like short poems.	CK	1
395034	That's a great poem.	CK	1
59035	Who wrote this poem?	CK	1
2280310	I memorized the poem.	CK	1
693026	I like to write poems.	Chrissi	1
298214	He was learning a poem.	CK	1
2546366	Tom read poem out loud.	CK	1
2821574	Tom still writes poems.	CK	1
1028163	Tom read a poem to Mary.	CK	1
311535	She wrote a lot of poems.	CK	1
1661043	Tom is memorizing a poem.	Amastan	1
906847	What's your favorite poem?	CK	1
290872	He learned the poem by heart.	CK	1
895861	I don't understand this poem.	pauldhunt	1
325083	Memorize the poem by next week.	CM	1
1229227	Her daughter can recite many poems.	Scott	1
2451362	Have you ever read any French poems?	CK	1
286511	His poems are difficult to understand.	CK	1
1318917	I translated the poem the best I could.	CK	1
1102374	Tom pretended to understand Mary's poem.	CK	1
1024564	Tom likes to write poems and song lyrics.	CK	1
59042	This poem was originally written in French.	CK	1
296569	He has been writing poems since this morning.	CM	1
272982	The teacher compared my poem with one of his.	CK	1
47326	It took me an hour to learn the poem by heart.	CK	1
1092444	Tom was able to recite the whole poem by heart.	CK	1
1316780	He memorized that poem when he was five years old.	CK	1
313340	She had no difficulty in learning the poem by heart.	CK	1
59036	She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.	CK	1
37033	Tom told her that he had written that poem two years before.	CK	1
263406	Poets write poems.	CK
852315	Who wrote these poems?	willhite2
2224315	Do you remember my poem?	Guybrush88
311253	She read the poem aloud.	CM
2821534	Tom used to write poems.	CK
66842	Ann likes to write poems.	CK
254395	I know the poem by heart.	CM
316286	She read one poem to him.	CK
310708	She quoted a poem by Keats.	CK
1420481	She read the poem out loud.	ExplorationEng
681748	A haiku is one type of poem.	Source_VOA
1434565	He asked me to read 5 poems.	Guybrush88
290315	He composes beautiful poems.	CK
55206	How do you like these poems?	CK
1762060	He knows how to recite poems.	Amastan
1434566	She asked me to read 5 poems.	Guybrush88
1042629	Who was this poem written by?	GPHemsley
256528	I write poems in my free time.	CK
47332	We are familiar with the poem.	CM