English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pleasure" in Example Sentences
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2548184	It'll be a pleasure.	CK	1
2547650	It's been a pleasure.	CK	1
1894607	It's a pleasure to be here.	CK	1
1841610	It's a pleasure to meet you.	CK	1
3096121	It's a pleasure to see you again.	CK	1
309832	Her only pleasure is listening to music.	CK	1
64346	It has always been a pleasure to work with you.	CM	1
279429	People living in town don't know the pleasures of country life.	CK	1
735378	It's my pleasure.	Eldad
2549035	It was a pleasure.	CK
21307	It's our pleasure.	CM
1533138	It was my pleasure.	megamanenm
240653	The pleasure is mine.	Eldad
869488	It would be a pleasure.	alexmarcelo
2892109	The pleasure's all mine.	CK
324523	Business before pleasure.	CK
1830629	Eating with you is a pleasure.	CK
64730	It was a pleasure to meet you.	CK
316038	She found pleasure in reading.	CK
3360499	You're a pleasure to work for.	CK
297032	He combines work with pleasure.	Nero
245322	Don't mix business with pleasure.	CM
681101	It's a great pleasure to be here.	Source_VOA
22297	Some people pursue only pleasure.	CK
2915168	What is life's greatest pleasure?	Hybrid
61830	It is a great pleasure to be here.	CK
1582082	It's always a pleasure to see you.	Spamster
2959277	It was a real pleasure to meet Tom.	sharptoothed
30058	Nice weather added to our pleasure.	CM
250612	One of my pleasures is watching TV.	CK
1123421	It's been a pleasure talking to you.	nadsat
294515	He dwelt on the pleasure of the past.	CM
300121	He finds pleasure in watching people.	CM
313904	She takes great pleasure in her work.	CK
17613	It is a great pleasure being with you.	AMIKEMA
3133088	It's been a pleasure working with you.	Hybrid
2890278	It's a pleasure to be able to help you.	sharptoothed
2632101	It's been a pleasure chatting with you.	Olya
1911874	Nothing would give me greater pleasure.	Spamster
318127	Smiles do not always indicate pleasure.	CK
263279	We derive a lot of pleasure from books.	CK
2915165	Eating is one of life's great pleasures.	Hybrid
2953060	It was a real pleasure to work with Tom.	CK
61600	Are you here on business or for pleasure?	CK
2915163	Food is one of life's greatest pleasures.	Hybrid
71167	It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr Tamori.	CK
1269257	Reading is one of life's great pleasures.	eastasiastudent
325450	A good purpose makes hard work a pleasure.	CM
2890242	I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing Tom.	sharptoothed
1475860	It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Tamori.	CK