English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pleasant" in Example Sentences
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2236816	Tom is pleasant.	CK	1
2249194	It's quite pleasant.	CK	1
2272055	It won't be pleasant.	CK	1
262538	We had a pleasant evening.	CK	1
1779886	It was quite pleasant.	Spamster
292077	He seems very pleasant.	CK
1491973	Old age isn't pleasant.	Plangam
418851	He has a pleasant voice.	FeuDRenais
707475	He is a pleasant person.	Shishir
1199661	She had a pleasant dream.	CK
707466	She is a pleasant person.	papabear
2041692	What a pleasant surprise!	charlotte13
242816	It is a pleasant day today.	CK
243226	I've had a pleasant evening.	CK
2890412	We had a pleasant ride home.	sharptoothed
1931861	Did you have a pleasant trip?	Spamster
2143520	It was anything but pleasant.	freddy1
242818	It's a pleasant day, isn't it?	CK
1548198	We wish you a pleasant flight.	Spamster
41194	Most work is not very pleasant.	CM
1548197	We wish you a pleasant journey.	Spamster
242735	It is a very pleasant day today.	CK
37835	It was a very pleasant afternoon.	CK
456575	Our visit has been very pleasant.	lukaszpp
57301	This room is pleasant to work in.	CK
244782	I had a pleasant dream last night.	CK
49357	The house was pleasant to live in.	CM
242870	Today is certainly a pleasant day.	CK
309512	Her voice is pleasant to listen to.	CK
1223870	His voice is pleasant to listen to.	sacredceltic
21292	Thank you for the pleasant evening.	CK
1449781	Mr. Norton is pleasant to work with.	CK
1199668	She had a pleasant dream last night.	CK
1717439	The hotel has a pleasant atmosphere.	Lagritta
22298	She greeted me with a pleasant smile.	jakov
309866	Her manners were anything but pleasant.	CM
287102	His manners were anything but pleasant.	CM
262208	I had a pleasant experience on my trip.	CM
43805	It is pleasant to sleep under the tree.	Swift
325565	Nothing is more pleasant than traveling.	CM
1733154	Staying at home is not a pleasant thing.	BraveSentry
59177	It's very pleasant here in the mountains.	CM
853805	What a pleasant surprise to see you here!	piksea
1484186	An uninvited guest is a pleasant surprise.	MrShoval
279074	I found it pleasant walking in the country.	CK
3060902	We had a very pleasant stay at their house.	sharptoothed
2761522	I find that life in the country is pleasant.	sharptoothed
31957	Mary is a girl who is pleasant to talk with.	CM
248255	We went to the party and had a pleasant time.	CK
277832	It is pleasant to get up early in the morning.	CM