English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Plate" in Example Sentences
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2730922	The plate is dirty.	Hybrid	1
2732687	The plates are dirty.	CK	1
2646733	What's on your plate?	CK	1
1086977	I almost dropped a plate.	Nero	1
1095827	Tom ate everything on his plate.	CK	1
462510	Ten paper plates cost one dollar.	lukaszpp	1
2951750	Do you know your license plate number?	CK	1
1092178	Tom wrote down the license plate number.	CK	1
2951766	Do you remember your license plate number?	CK	1
1027065	Tom ate many of his meals off of paper plates.	CK	1
64479	You'd better eat everything that's on your plate.	CK	1
63081	Bring me a clean plate and take the dirty one away.	CM	1
1094994	Tom cut off a piece of meat and put it on his plate.	CK	1
1024482	Tom made sure that his children ate everything on their plates.	CK	1
1830371	After Tom had eaten everything on his plate, he asked Mary if he could eat her salad.	CK	1
437025	I want ten plates.	lukaszpp
1579429	Where is my plate?	fanty
902078	Where are the plates?	Espi
2264785	Cover it with a plate.	_undertoad
2890436	My watch is gold-plated.	sharptoothed
1580089	Give me four white plates.	fanty
457604	There are no clean plates.	FeuDRenais
2544547	Tom rinsed the plates off.	CK
1579428	Bring her a plate of salad.	fanty
436163	How many plates do we have?	lukaszpp
436165	How many plates do you want?	lukaszpp
255780	I almost dropped the plates.	CK
2480045	This plate isn't very clean.	sharptoothed
2957783	Tom put the eggs on a plate.	CK
1830630	Eat everything on your plate.	CK
47736	The plate is made of plastic.	CK
680319	The boy pushed his plate away.	Source_VOA
19540	The waiter brought a new plate.	CK
2956720	Tom filled his plate with food.	CK
310884	She heaped her plate with salad.	CK
2642346	Tom left some food on his plate.	CK
2770295	I dropped the plate accidentally.	carlosalberto
311437	She completely cleaned her plate.	CK
436179	How much do ten paper plates cost?	lukaszpp
311226	She likes the design on the plate.	CK
313864	She took some meat from the plate.	CK
2268447	The plate slipped out of my hands.	_undertoad
2084557	There are two plates on the table.	alexmarcelo
2270579	Will you please pass me your plate?	_undertoad
247961	We must wash all these dirty plates.	CK
247411	Our picnic plates are made of plastic.	CM
2857926	He ate everything that was on his plate.	mervert1
954368	The young couple ate off the same plate.	CK
322335	My sister dropped her plate on the floor.	CK
3170662	There were some green beans on the plate.	CK