English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Plant" in Example Sentences
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268565	Water the plants.	CK	1
276245	Who planted the tree?	CK	1
268573	Plants die without water.	CK	1
58387	This plant is good to eat.	CM	1
3023231	We have a plant in Boston.	CK	1
953213	Do you talk to your plants?	CK	1
268570	All plants need water and light.	CK	1
461161	I planted an apple tree in my yard.	jeanne	1
268581	I had the gardener plant some trees.	CK	1
1093140	Tom planted some flowers in his yard.	CK	1
2402272	You're the one who planted that tree.	CK	1
48010	Many workers were laid off at that plant.	CM	1
1024346	Tom planted three apple trees in his yard.	CK	1
953645	I think it's unlikely that plants feel pain.	CK	1
1095134	Tom couldn't decide where to plant the tree.	CK	1
1093141	Tom planted some flower seeds in his garden.	CK	1
1025730	Tom forgot to water the plants for a whole week.	CK	1
1025547	Tom had plenty of opportunity to plant the bomb.	CK	1
58601	This kind of plant grows only in the tropical regions.	CK	1
1938798	I thought Tom would plant those flowers near the oak tree.	CK	1
1024347	Tom planted some explosives near the middle of the bridge.	CK	1
1934134	Tom planted three apple trees and a peach tree in his yard.	Scott	1
251534	My suggestion is for more trees to be planted along the streets.	Dejo	1
29166	Our company is planning to build a new chemical plant in Russia.	CK	1
268563	Plants grow.	CK
2167387	It's a plant.	alexmarcelo
2822693	I love my plants.	Hybrid
2488901	Can plants feel pain?	Hybrid
1647787	We're planting seeds.	Spamster
1625139	What kind of plant is it?	Shishir
51414	Smog causes plants to die.	CK
2941423	It's an easy plant to grow.	alexmarcelo
2458789	Plants require CO2 to grow.	Hybrid
2643958	Tom is watering the plants.	CK
278479	We have planted the garden.	CK
3097223	Did you plant this yourself?	CK
2167400	How many plants did you buy?	alexmarcelo
1722855	Have you ever planted a tree?	Amastan
2956754	Tom gave Mary a potted plant.	CK
2890404	When did you plant this tree?	sharptoothed
61764	Here is an atomic power plant.	CK
259568	I planted roses in the garden.	CK
681738	Lavender is my favorite plant.	Source_VOA
2458723	The plants need to be watered.	Hybrid
2890398	What kind of plants are these?	sharptoothed
681739	Are you allergic to any plants?	Source_VOA
681112	Plants don't grow in this soil.	Source_VOA
46161	Pull the plant up by the roots.	CK
3097489	These look like spinach plants.	CK
3097379	These plants are all poisonous.	CK