English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Planet" in Example Sentences
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1027016	Tom believes that life exists on other planets.	CK	1
22212	Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system.	CK	1
30931	What would you do if you saw a man from another planet?	CK	1
953642	I think it's unlikely that aliens similar to what we see in the movies have ever visited our planet.	CK	1
681736	Earth is a planet.	Source_VOA
1808129	Can we save the planet?	Spamster
473816	Earth is a beautiful planet.	FeuDRenais
2021186	He wants to save the planet.	Spamster
681737	We all live on planet Earth.	Source_VOA
2014294	I just want to save the planet.	CK
274661	Is there life on other planets?	CK
1786088	We need to care for our planet.	aquatius
277143	The earth is a beautiful planet.	CK
1370747	We are concerned about our planet.	witbrock
326589	The planets revolve around the sun.	CK
680768	Earth is the third planet from the sun.	Source_VOA
259264	I can't imagine life on another planet.	CK
23789	Mars resembles our planet in some ways.	NekoKanjya
681521	Our planet, Earth, is always in motion.	Source_VOA
2182	When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.	Zifre
271884	I wonder if life exists on other planets.	CK
278983	Astronomy deals with the stars and planets.	CK
329016	Is there intelligent life on other planets?	fcbond
680771	We must take care of our planet, the earth.	Source_VOA
1390278	I don't want to live on this planet anymore.	Spamster
499549	Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System.	blay_paul
2724151	What's the difference between a star and a planet?	Hybrid
21726	Nuclear war will bring life on this planet to an end.	NekoKanjya
2705465	I can't imagine what it's like to live on another planet.	WestofEden
2533452	I can't imagine what life on another planet would be like.	CK
433411	What would you do if you met a person from another planet?	bourdu
23972	Scientists can easily compute the distance between planets.	CK
3144589	Are you seriously suggesting that Tom is from another planet?	CK
610844	What is at issue in this debate is the survival of our planet.	darinmex
323495	A fund was set up with a view to preserving our endured planet.	CM
247636	As far as we know, the earth is the only planet to have oceans.	CM
277134	The earth is different from the other planets in that it has water.	CM
321231	Seen through a telescope, the planets take on a completely new appearance.	CM
2164546	The difference between Earth and the other planets is that Earth has water.	FeuDRenais
275162	There are nine planets travelling around the sun, the earth being one of them.	CM
1487433	There are many, many planets in the Milky Way which are just as big as Jupiter.	marshmallowcat
271143	The world's tropical rainforests are critical links in the ecological chain of life on the planet.	CM
2143028	Providing energy to the poor without destroying the planet any further is this century's biggest challenge.	Dreamk33
1398480	People speak so much about the need for leaving a better planet for our children, and forget the urgency of leaving better children for our planet.	Eldad